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Rebirth - the return of House Montu

Knights Egypt

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Okay then. I have been bitten by the Knight bug - after seeing Kraut Scientist, Tibbs and everyone else doing them it was but a matter of time!


 Since I also have a deep fascination with Ancient Egypt it's no surprise what theme I'll be going for - to this end I have purchased several 3rd Party bits and most like will get some more. Since I wasn't sure about the rules for such things, I asked Grotsmasha who said it was okay as long as I didn't name the companies - so please don't ask tongue.png .


First, to set the tone, the obligatory Fluff 'Wall of Text' tm.



" The Household had been formed by the first settlers on Tarnis many thousands of years before, as had so many others throughout the galaxy. Taking a new name from the Tarnisian pantheon, what had been House Gentica renamed itself House Montu – as the pre-eminent war god, it seemed a perfectly justifiable comparison.  In time the High King became known as the Pharaoh whilst his leading retainers became Nomarchs; each responsible for a Nome, or region, of the planet and all that happened there. Each Questoris suit was inevitably soon adapted itself, often bearing the image of a Tarnisian god instead of the more usual faceplate amongst many local-inspired changes. Modifications to traction units to enable better stability on loose sand was also common, though it made some of the more traditionally-minded Sacristans uneasy.

 As the ruling and pre-eminent house in the entire Tarnis system, Montu’s copious number of suits meant that even the meanest Noble was able to pilot a Questoris-class chassis. Whereas in other, lesser Houses, several of the low ranking nobility might have at best served as Armiger pilots, in Montu the Armigers were almost non-existent; something which would prove to be a dangerous omission if any had had the whit to realise it. Armigers were fit only for defence of House facilities, not more honourable pursuits.


Something that House Montu did still share with its brother-Houses from other worlds was a pride-driven determination to brook no outside interference. Thus when long-range augers heralded the arrival of a space fleet of immense size, House Montu assembled at the fortress of Buhen and sallied forth; eager to give battle and destroy the interlopers.


 This proved to be most unwise. The new arrivals were sections of the 423rd Reclamation Expedition, the ‘home fleet’ of the 25th Heavy Assault Company, Legion 12. World Eaters are notorious for their predilection for close engagement and soon found to their delight that House Montu was perfectly willing to oblige them. What followed was nothing less than a brutal slugging match. Initial results favoured the Tarnisians since they were intimately familiar with local conditions. But as all Astartes, the 25th were quick to adapt and having fought Knights before were at first puzzled and then ecstatic at the absence of Armigers. With no light units to harass them, the World Eaters deployed their heaviest assets in perfect safety. Designed to fell Titans, the dual turbo-lasers of Falchions tore through Questoris with ease whilst Buhens’ metres thick walls proved little obstacle to a trio of Mastodons and their howling occupants. The last to fall was the Pharaoh himself, defending the breach in his Dominus-class Breath of Ra.


Following the Scouring and reclamation of Tarnis by the Imperium, Montu has seen a rebirth in the last few centuries, though now there are only 3 Questoris-class that were salvaged: Bastet, Apopis and Anubis. "

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