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Your 25 PL Combat Patrol?

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  • Location:Texas, U.S.A.
  • Faction: World Eaters + Daemons

World Eaters Patrol - 24 PL / 3 CP / 478 Pts

  • HQ: Chaos Lord with Jump Pack (6PL) - Gorefather & Bolt Pistol / Violent Urgency (Warlord) / MoK
  • TP: Khorne Berzerkers (5PL) - Powerfist x1 / Chainaxe x4 / Chainsword x5 / Icon of Wrath
  • TP: Khorne Berzerkers (5PL) - Powerfist x1 / Chainaxe x4 / Chainsword x5 / Icon of Wrath
  • FA: Bikers (4PL) - Powerfist x1 / Chainswords x2 / Combi-bolter x3 / Meltagun x2 / MoK
  • DT: Chaos Rhino (4PL) - Combi-bolter / Combi-melta / MoK

Points wise this definitely won't be legal come 9th edition but I decided to lean fully into the power level side of things. Both squads of Berserkers start in the Rhino though they have the ability to split up right away if necessary. The Bikers have the mobility to run up and destroy whatever armor the opponent has. Jump Lord is a Jump Lord. I hate how Power level ignores equipment but is all or nothing when it comes to squad size. I'd like to add some ablative wounds to the bikes but adding just one biker doubles the power level.


DIY Counts-As Salamanders Patrol - 25 PL / 1CP / 495 Pts

  • HQ: Primaris Captain (5PL) - Master-crafted Auto Bolt Rifle and Power Sword / Anvil of Strength (Warlord) / Miraculous Constitution (-1CP)
  • HQ: Primaris Librarian (5PL) - Force Sword and Bolt Pistol / Fire Shield (Spell) / Drakeskin (Spell) / Artificer Armor (-1CP)
  • TP: Intercessor Squad (5PL) - Thunder Hammer x1 / Auto Bolt Rifles x5 / Aux Grenade Launcher x1
  • TP: Intercessor Squad (5PL) - Thunder Hammer x1 / Bolt Rifle x5 / Aux Grenade Launcher x1
  • TP: Intercessor Squad (5PL) - Thunder Hammer x1 / Bolt Rifle x5 / Aux Grenade Launcher x1

The immortal beat captain, librarian, and auto bolt rifle squad run up the middle and be immovable censored.gif  while the remaining two squads play objectives. I've never played my Primaris outside of Kill Team so I've no idea if this is a good idea. If I owned any Aggressors or those new melta-dudes I'd probably bring them instead of the auto bolt rifle squad.

Captain Smashy Pants

Captain Smashy Pants


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Here’s the BA list I’ve come up with. 25PL on the nose, I’m going to be playing this list provided PL doesn’t change. Captain Smash does what Captain Smash does, DC do what they do, Vet Intercessors for objective grabbing and even though nothing in the list can actually ride in the RB, it doesn’t matter because I’m including it to run as a light battle tank and to provide my patrol with some anti tank of their own.

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [25 PL, -2CP, 457pts] +++

++ Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Blood Angels) [25 PL, 457pts, -2CP] ++

+ Configuration +

**CHAPTER**: Blood Angels
. Categories: Configuration

+ HQ +

Captain [6 PL, 143pts, -1CP]: 2. Artisan of War, Death Visions of Sanguinius, Jump Pack, Storm shield, The Angel's Wing (replaces jump pack), Thunder hammer, Warlord
. Categories: Captain, Character, Faction: Adeptus Astartes, Faction: Blood Angels, Faction: Imperium, HQ, Infantry, Fly, Jump Pack, Warlord, Faction: Death Company

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 91pts, -1CP]: Auto bolt rifle, Auxiliary grenade launcher, Veteran Intercessors
. Categories: Faction: Adeptus Astartes, Faction: Blood Angels, Faction: Imperium, Infantry, Intercessor Squad, Primaris, Troops
. 4x Intercessor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades
. Intercessor Sergeant: Chainsword

+ Elites +

Death Company [9 PL, 113pts]: Jump Pack
. Categories: Elites, Faction: Adeptus Astartes, Faction: Blood Angels, Faction: Death Company, Faction: Imperium, Infantry, Fly, Jump Pack
. Death Company Marine: Boltgun, Chainsword
. Death Company Marine: Boltgun, Chainsword
. Death Company Marine: Plasma pistol, Power axe
. Death Company Marine: Inferno pistol, Power sword
. Death Company Marine: Boltgun, Chainsword

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [5 PL, 110pts]: Twin lascannon
. Categories: Faction: Adeptus Astartes, Faction: Blood Angels, Faction: Imperium, Predator, Vehicle, Dedicated Transport, Transport, Razorback

Created with BattleScribe

I do find it hilarious that some people were saying the size of newer marine stuff looks great next to regular humans like Cadians, and then GW upsized the humans so they are the same height as marines again :lol: :lol: :lol:

Rune Priest Ridcully

Rune Priest Ridcully


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  • Location:Reading, England
  • Faction: Thousand Sons

So if I were to go for my EC, I'd go for this:

Chaos Lord with power fist, combi melta, Loathsome grace and Raiment Repulsive 6pl (Or maybe my twin lightning claw one, not sure.

10 Noise marines (8 sonic blasters and 2 blastmasters)

3 Chaos bikers (Plasma pistol on champ, 2 flamers)

3 chaos Bikers (just chainswords).
Not sure how good it would be, but the plan would be to be as fast and noisy as possible.

If I was to go with my Vostroyans it would be something like this:

Company commander (Warlord): Plasma pistol, Kurov's Aquila, master of command

Infantry squad with Mortar

Infantry squad with heavy bolter and plasma gun, vox caster and bolt pistol/chainsword sergeant.

Veteran Squad with lascannon, plasma gun, vox caster and boltgun and chainsword sergeant.

Chimera with two heavy bolters

Two armoured Sentinals with plasma cannons.

Grey Knights

Before anything else.. why are Paladins cheaper PL wise then a normal terminator squad? 

And yes, this is to the surprise of no one when you look at the power levels of grey knights there isn't much option, more then my TS though.

Librarian with storm bolter, halberd, lore master with armoured resiliance, empyrean domination and warp shaping

Strike squad with halberds and gate of infinity

Venerable Dreadnought with astral aim, twin linked lascannon and missile launcher.

Need Snot green paint, will trade bits/pay for it.

QUOTE (Kol_Saresk @ Oct 22 2012, 06:49 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I love how GW creates the Warp Talon to be some sort of super-powered Raptor, and instead it's become the king-of-all-kitbashes.





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  • Faction: Black Templar: Dalthus Crusade
W/o looking at the codex is because a mininum squad of Paladins has a smaller base squad size. And because vs Grey Knight Terminators. It might also be related to option variance. But my as I said in first sentence guess is related to squad size.
Wish List:
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BT Primaris Crusaders - (WIP)
"Proper Tool for the Proper Job"




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I had my first game of 9th the other day - we played a patrol game using 25PL and I had a good time with:-




* Phobos Captain (5PL)

* 2 x 5 Intercessors Sgt with TH (2 x 5PL)

* Invictor Warsuit (6PL)

* Eliminators (4PL)




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Playing about with battlescribe, I got to 504pts, Unsure what PL it is exactly. It cant use the combat patrol list, but uses an outrider at 500pts.


Speed Freekz - Evil Sunz

HQ Defkilla Wartrike - Warlord - Might is Right /Speed Freek

2x Shokkjump dragsta

1x Megatrakk scrapjet

1x Kustom Boosta Blasta


++ Hive Fleet Jabberwocky ++ The Baalite Feast of Blades 2016; 2018 ++

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