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starting jormungandr

jormungandr tyranids

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so i have this idea that i was wondering what yous alls thinks abouts this

because i dont have CA2019 yet i cant accurately figure out how many points this would be if i just want base base base equipment to start


my army theme is the following

- shooty, punchy, deep strike, psycher, wounds

- all units must be dual purpose (as in must be able to deploy the army various ways)

- no flying or wing a ding dragons

- use tunneling advantages for better than Troops selection (better toughness)


Jormungandr Brigade Alittlebit (a-little-bit); because they are small....


- the enemy below (-1CP); allows for the Hive Guard (3) to tunnel with the Trygon

- Mawloc has 1" deepstrike accompanying the above units


- all units are non flying therefore have the benefit of cover (+1 save) for the purpose of shooting attacks (just dont advance or charge)


HQ - Swarmlord T7, W12, INV, PSY2, SYN

HQ - Tervigon T8, W14, PSY1, SYN, +10 termagants/turn, not spearheading the attack

HQ - Hive Tyrant T7, W12, PSY2, SYN

E - Maleceptor T7, W12, PSY2, SYN


  - 7 PSY a turn.... Catalyst 5++ times 7.... on 6 monsters with no INV save if none deep strike....


E - Haruspex T8, W13, punchy

H - Exocrine T8, W12, shooty

H - Tyrannofex T8, W14, punchy

H - Toxicrene T7, W12, shooty and punchy

H - Mawloc T6, W12, deep strike, punchy

H - Trygon T6, W12, deep strike, shooty, punchy


E - Hive Guard (3) with shockconnons T5, W9, deep strike with Trygon

E - The Red Terror W6

E - Deathleaper W6

thats 2 extra Elite choices.... so lets forget Genestealers AND the Broodlord on a Tyranid list.... i know eh....


thanks to the internet i think i figured out the points changes to several units....

the HQ(3), Elites(5) and Heavy Support(5) come to 1910 pts....

the HQ(3), Elites(3) and Heavy Support(5) come to 1745 pts....


T(6) Termagants (10) with 3 devourers total; W40

- fan them out following the hoard preventing deep strike units

- need troops to secure objectives, tervigon makes 10 per turn....

- if shot at they get a better save so thats good


the entire Brigade of HQ(3), Troops(6), Elites(3) and Heavy Support (5) come to 1999 pts.... BEASTLY eh, Power Level 124 apparently...?


HQ - 38W

T - 60W

E - 34W

H - 62W

TOTAL - 194 WOUNDS.... making 10 termagants a turn....

only 10 monsters at 12 Wounds or more.... shoot right at me toughness, better saves as they SLOWLY advance

plus 63 Troop/Infantry units +30 Termagant reserves.... not a lot of models


is that a balanced, 194 WOUND Brigade (+9CP) of beastly things for 1999 pts (PL 124) which will be so much fun to paint...?


i can always not play an Elite or Heavy Support in this list and downgrade the selection point wise and add more Troops

so this is always playable and can adapt easily; dual purpose msn-wink.gif

i could paint that so fast guy....


did i just read that the MONSTERS are getting better in 9th edition.... not sure why i am not going to build and paint this army

unless i am totally missing something here....


to get to 2500 i would get more troops; this would play better at 2500 i think


3000 i would bring 2 brigades....

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