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9th Edition Battle Report (Sort of) Custodes vs Orks

Custodes battle Report 9th edition Orks Trajann Dread Host 40k

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Let me be upfront, this is more like version 8.5 of 40K as we try a host of the new rules:


- New Board size

- New move and shoot Heavy rules

- New Shoot into CC rules

- New rules for Fly units (no free retreats)

- New Terrain Rules (Obscurement, Heavy, etc)

- Detachments and CP (12 + Command Phase)


The other thing I'm trying here is the new Dread Host rules, and the new Strats in Psychic Awakening.


This is a written Battle Report, with pictures:



Battle Report: https://prot40k.blog...stodes-vs-orks/



Special Thanks to Ranulf for sending me the Black Library Limited Dice:



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