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Hello from Michigan

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Hello from Michigan! Recently bought my wife her dream house and "gave" her that second baby she wanted. So now I pretty much have free reign to do whatever I want and neglect my growing family. And what better way than getting back into 40k! I used to play Tau and Tyranids back in the day because giant robots and monsters are never out of style. But I gave them away a long time ago, and started collecting Death Guard. Picked them purely based on cosmetics and fluff. I also weirdly like rolling dice so plague weapons and disgustingly resilient add to the experience for me haha.

Got a few games of 8th under my belt, I like the rules like vehicles not having facings and AV, and no templates means less arguments. Been keeping up on some of the 9th changes, seems to be going in the right direction, or at least not a worse direction, and sometimes that's all you can ask for.
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Welcome aboard! :) 8th was quite the change to previous editions but 9th should be broadly similar enough :tu:

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Welcome to the B&C, grandfather Nurgle approves! :D

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"Deception IS the point. Any fool can calculate strength. That one has been doing it from the moment he saw us. Now, he has to calculate what he can't see. And fear what he doesn't know."

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Welcome to the B&C and back to the hobby, Coolbeans! :tu:

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You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

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battle captain corpus


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Greetings brother! Grab a log by the fire and enjoy the B&C!

"Until this moment you have been alone. Wandering, seeking, questioning. Until this moment you have not truly known brotherhood.
Take the armour you wear and reforge it now. Scrape clean the colours of isolation & abandonment. Carve off the tokens of a Throne bound cadaver.
Darkness & burnished gold are your symbols now. A star of auric colour adorns your plate.
You knelt as a single man from a past cast in shame & shadow.
Rise now as a brother of the 1st Legion of the Long War."
Final internment passage spoken upon inclusion within the Black Legion, acid etched on inner lining of helms recovered from Thraxx VII.

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