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Alpha Legion Questions

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines

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Just Alexis

Just Alexis


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A few questions for alpha legion warlord traits and stratagems.


1) I am Alpharius; can you give this warlord trait to a character that already has a warlord trait?


2) I am Alpharius; It says if the mission gains victory points for killing your warlord they must kill all alpha legion characters. (Does this still count even if i have We are Alpharius on one of my characters meaning that he can not take I am Alpharius since he has a warlord trait already).


3) Master of Diversion; If i put units in deepstrike can i re-deploy them onto the field with this warlord trait? as it is still in the deployment phase. (Also can you use Forward Operatives when you re-deploy or only the first time they are deployed?)


4) Scrambled Coordinates; This i know only works on 1 unit, but when it comes to the space marine drop-pod which has units inside that disembark immediately, does the stratagem work on the unit that is getting out from the drop-pod or only the drop-pod itself?

This is just a few i can think of now that im wondering about.

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