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With the Grey Company

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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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The kit is only worth it if you need the Reivers (I believe when you could get the Combat Squad box for them, it was like $30 or $35, now it's $50 for 10, IIRC) and want the associated terrain (which is $50 on its lonesome) and Kill Team cards, tokens, etc. I think I got mine for $55, so it was a savings on both kits for me, and I wanted the Kill Team tokens and cards.

It's definitely a Your Mileage May Vary situation, there's nothing unique in the box.
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Wulf Vengis

Wulf Vengis


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Varied mileage indeed.
I'll be saving that money for one of these new starters. Simply because i do enjoy having other armies in case someonewants to play something different.
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The Lone Wolf Saga or The Lone Wolf Saga

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