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Wolves in the new marine codex

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Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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I'm pretty sure that's why I thought this could be a good change for this edition.


Also it prevents the SW codex delay until the force only book arrives.


Now, if 9th also sees a double SM book release, it just updates one rather than SW and the Wolves have to wait until their own second book.




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(though it would be nice to see a page or two devoted to Successors)...

Still, hateful as it might sound to some of you, I think this is a good opportunity to curb some of the cartoonish wolfiness of the Chapter, and it will definitely help to prevent things from getting more cartoony in the future. For what it's worth, I feel the same about this being an opportunity to curb some of the Blood Blood Bloodiness of the Blood Angels.

First, I’d genuinely like to see the Wolfspear get fleshed out a bit, and maybe some discussion of Primaris successors as a thing.

Second, a BIG yes to dialing back the over-wolfed aesthetic and character.
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"Guilliman is coming - LOOK BUSY!"

                   -The new warcry of every single non codex-compliant Chapter (Credit to Iron Hands Fanatic)


"Codex, y'say?  Aye, Lordship, it has a place of honor at the very foundation of our brotherhood!" 

                    ::Points to tattered book holding up one corner of a mead bench::

                                                                             -Llugh Swifthand, High King of the Hounds of Arawn, to Roboute Guilliman, 001M42

Lord Ragnarok

Lord Ragnarok


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I’m taking a “wait and see” approach. There are certainly some very dark omens, but the sky isn’t falling (yet).

If the supplement strips us of everything that makes us unique and turns the wolves into a codex adherent chapter with a few special rules and a few extra units I’ll be very disappointed.

If the supplement maintains all that makes us unique and keeps us updated at the same speed as everyone else so we don’t get left behind again, then I’ll be very pleased.

We won’t know until we see it.

In the meantime, the dude abides.

I echo this sentiment. I really dislike the idea of losing the traditional classes of wolves and the fluff centered around them. If they codex us fully (such folly on their part) I will try my darnedest to represent those classes to make them represent SW's as intended.
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