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IL XIII - Sky Reavers

alternate heresy five ruins sky reavers

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The Sky Reavers


“Captain, this is Fighter XV-212, it’s hell up here! They’re moving too fast, none of us can lock on to them. It’s hard enough to dodge the anti-air fire from the ground, but they’re circling around, picking us off one by one and there’s nothing we can do. It’s inhuman, sir, no man could pull those speeds or turns off. Permission to …”

- Last recorded transmission from enemy combatant XV-212 during the Assault on Koccichi by the XIIIth Legion


The fast moving lords of the air, the Sky Reavers aim to dominate the sky above any battlefield before committing to any ground operations. Their superior aerial skills, combined with the numerous modifications they have made to their aircraft, makes them highly mobile foes who can strike from any angle. Their primarch, Aato, is a caring and scientifically-minded Primarch, looking to form close bonds with his brothers and protect his homeworld above all. This love of his homeworld would fuel his scientific experiments, as he began obsessed with finding a way to travel vast distances without the need for the warp to guarantee the survival of his home system. It was this obsession that would lead him and his legion down a path away from the light of the Imperium.


Numeration: The XIII Legion


Primogenitor: Aato Vayrynen


Noteworthy Domains: Maaparatiisi (Homeworld)


Observed Strategic Tendencies: Aerial Superiority, Multi-Vector and Sub-Orbital Attack, High-Mobility Warfare


Allegiance: Separatists, Socius Solicitus


Colours: Navy Blue and Gold


Sky Reavers Legionary (Art by Algrim Whitefang)


Sky Reavers symbol (Art by Algrim Whitefang)

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The Prince of the Skies, Aato Väyrynen flies above the battlefield until descending on his prey. A caring Primarch, Aato highly values his legion and his home system, and will go to great lengths to protect them. He is scientifically minded, constantly thinking of solutions to problems and his experiments, spending most of his spare time in his laboratory or on a test field. His main desire is to find a way to travel without using the Warp, a desire bordering on an obsession in protecting his home system from Warp Storms. This obsession would lead him to go to any length to protect his homeworld, an objective that the Ruins threatened to destroy forever.

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