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2000pts 9th

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So 2000pts blood angels

Let’s start with a battalion as it give the elite slots that I need for what I want to achieve, the aim is to hold as many objectives as I can from the start of the game and then support these units with fast moving assault/counter units to keep the objectives under my control, while using death company to attack the opposition base giving them something to think about and leave the scoring units alone.

The list

(Mantra of strength, canticles of hate)

(Warlord, heroic bearing)

Sanguinary Priest
(Jump Pack, relic- Icon of the angel)

5 incursors Marines

5 incursors Marines

5 Intersessors Marines
(Thunder Hammer)

10 death company
(Jump Packs, 2 Thunder Hammers, 3 Power Fists)

Invictus warsuit
(Twin Ironhail Autocannon)

Invictus Warsuit
(Twin Ironhail Autocannon)

Sanguinary Ancient
(Power Fist, extra relic- Standard of Sacrifice)

8 sanguinary Guard
(2 Fists, 5 Swords, 1 Axe)

8 Sanguinary Guard
(2 Fists, 5 Swords, 1 Axe)

After this I have 106pts left and I’m undecided between a suppressor squad to put early pressure on the opposition back line or a Impulsor to help hide my counter units before they pounce.

I’m leaning towards the suppressor as they’re another distraction and can help support the units holding objectives.




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Looks Great!


Add Bladeguard Vets for 105 pts - You can then pay 1 CP to Deep Strike them.


I'd swap your Warlord from the Sanguinor to the Sanguinary Ancient and give it Artisan of War so its power fist is 1d3+1 dmg. The Immunity to Morale isn't really important with an Ancient providing +1 LD aura.

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