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Saga of the Terminator Trials 9th edition

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I am currently playing 3 online tournaments (1 battle per week) each with a different list as hone my 9th edition skills


One of the tournaments I am running my modified terminator saga list.  The terminators are now a supplementary unit instead of the center piece.


My list




List explanation



Round 1 Surround and Destroy v Custodes


His list




Today I learned my list is illegal.  Apparently the Munitorum Field Manual changed the scorpius from an ELITE to a HEAVY.
I have had to adjust my list.
I am likely removing arjac and the terminators to add double eradicators and an extra judiciar.
My opponent was very gracious and said no need to rematch with a corrected list.  He is satisfied with the result.
Unfortunately this list no longer contains any terminators so I will cut this saga short for now.

Edited by TiguriusX, 01 October 2020 - 03:59 AM.

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