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Help! Want to start thousand sons army

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Hey guys!!! I’m interested in starting a thousand sons army and wanted some guys with more experience to help me build a list?

What models work for you? Or what models do you think are fun?

Any and all help is welcome!! Thanks in advance!

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Calamity Salmon

Calamity Salmon


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Not exactly Thousand Sons specific, but Heldrakes are a personal favorite of mine. The make for great distraction turkeys and can tie up pretty much anything you need thanks to their 30" move. Baleflamers are still the way to go, but with the new points changes and Big Guns Never Tire, the Hades Autocannon isn't completely worthless.
Tzaangor Enlightened are also pretty great, a full stack with greatbows can put out some mean shooting, and their Divining Spears can make them surprisingly deadly against elite units and light armor, but the trick is keeping them alive long enough to get them in position. Supporting them with a Tzaangor Shaman is never a bad idea.
A couple specific options involve some amusing :cussery with the Cult of Time rules. You can get a lot of staying power into your Rubrics and Scarab Termies (or Tzaangor if for whatever reason you want to keep them around for longer) thanks to the psychic power that comes with the Cult. Even better is the Hourglass of Manat relic. Put it on a Daemon Prince and watch your buddy's face as the DP he finally managed to kill respawns at full wounds.
Last but not least, you have the tried and true method of slapping a Warptime on Magnus the Red's sweet crimson ass, and yeeting him at the nearest thing you don't want to exist. Bonus if you also have Ahriman or at least an Exalted Sorcerer with Death Hex to deny those pesky invuln saves.

I'm no pro player but the Sons of Magnus were my first love in 40k so if there's anything else you want to know I'll do my best to answer!
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Did you make a list/army yet?


My biggest takeaways after lots of 9th games with TS: 


1. Rubric Marines are great. Using 30, or even 40, at 2000pts is NOT a bad idea. It might have been in 8th ed.


2. Exalted Sorcerers on foot are efficient and durable for their cost, considering that you will be trying to protect them anyways. Daemon Princes are still nice, but they can't hide as easily as they could in 8th ed, so you probably would be using them more defensively anyways.

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