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Necron warrior spam list (1500pts)

necron warrior spam

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The name says it all! I am considering a new necron force (like the rest of the world atm) and want it to be thematic but also actually useable!


Sautekh Battalion Detachment: 




Warlord Cryptek w/ chronometron and Thrall of the Silent king as trait


Indomitus Overlord


Royal Warden




20 gauss flayer warriors


20 gauss flayer warriors


20 gauss flayer warriors


20 gauss flayer warriors


Fast Attack


6 Scarabs


6 Scarabs


6 Scarabs


...annnnd that's it! I know long gone are the days of can opening warriors, but with this volume of fire you'd hope for the lack of anti armour to be mitigated at least a little? I'd love to hear thoughts on how to make warrior spam work, I just love the image of numberless inexorable warriors, but I also don't want to sabotage myself and build a terrible army! If I dropped the scarabs we could pump those warrior numbers up to 100, but thought they'd be a useful way to tie up the big stuff for at least a couple of turns.

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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Looks like a solid list for the most part, not many enemies are going to be able to shoot that many models off the table that quickly. That being said, you're lacking slightly in additional reanimation buffs. If you acquired an indomitus set, I'd recommend a reanimator, and if not, a Ghost Ark. Being able to buff the warriors standing back up will be useful, even with the Our Number is Legion rule they got in Indomitus. It seems that your goal is to drown the enemy in bodies, and I think you may have a fair chance at it with this list.


Welcome to the legions!

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Its alright

I'd put the Warlord Trait on the Overlord, and give him 'Immortal Pride' to keep you warriors fighting.
Otherwise, you could consider grabbing the classic OL, so you can put a Rez Orb in there.

Otherwise, unless you fight someone spamming high ROF ap-1 str 5+, you should be able to just swamp most tables.

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