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M41 Traitor Legions back in time to Great Scouring

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The thought came to my mind about all the Traitor Legions getting involved in the Battle of the Caliban System between the Unforgiven vs Typhus and the Fallen and using the Three Warp Engines to go back in time. They all appear right after the duel between Horus and the Emperor.

I can imagine the shock on everyone's faces when the Traitors of the M41 (including all of the living Traitor Primarchs) appear at the start of the Scouring!

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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This isn't a "Horus Heresy" [setting] issue. What do you plan on doing with this idea (so that the topic can be moved to the appropriate forum)? Are you going to make up a scenario/campaign (Homegrown Rules)? Are you going to create a diorama or miniatures (Forge). Is there something else that you plan to do?
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