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Hobgoblin Hobbies/Digital: Space Elves Stargonauts and Co.

Eldar 3D Printing Alternative Miniatures

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Soldier of Dorn

Soldier of Dorn


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As someone with somewhat anachronistic tastes in wargaming models and an affection for the smaller companies and sculptors in this industry, I've been aware of Jamie Loft's company Old School Miniatures for some time now -- lovely little off-the-wall minis fashioned in the sculpting style distinct to Citadel and other manufacturers of the 80s, primarily fantasy but some sci-fi. Recently he and a sculptor by the name of Jason Fairclough (of ThunderChild Minis) have started a new company together under the name Hobgoblin Hobbies, and even more recently have begun a Patreon page called Hobgoblin Digital where they are offering miniature STLs each month. This first month, the collection contains a number of very Eldar-esque nostalgia pieces -- a  set of Guardian analogues, a War Walker centaur, and perhaps a Wraithknight proxy -- which might pique the interest of some of the frater here -- they have certainly piqued mine, and I've never even been an Eldar player! I'm always interested to see new companies and projects on the scene, and this one in particular has garnered very little notice so far as I've seen, so I figured it might be worth presenting here.








It seems like a great new little set of models, and I'm eagerly awaiting what comes out of Hobgoblin next!

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I'm digging their design, especially the standard Stargonauts. I'd drop the 'Space Elf' thing and you'd have yourself some great INQ28 cultist or other Imperial figures.

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They definitely have a RT era space elf vibe to them.

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