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=][= Liberalia Martiale 2020: Challenge the Third =][=

Iron Gauntlet 2020 Liberalia Martiale 2020 IG2020

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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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This thread is to function as a repository for those completing the third challenge of the Iron Gauntlet, though links to seperate battle reports are both encouraged and required.


This challenge is open to all who have participated in any of the previous challenges, as well as anyone who wishes to post a battle report of a game played with a DIY organization force. Those who participated in challenge two are required to use a majority of the force created in challenge two, though that force does not have to be a majority of your army (e.g. Johnny painted Guard, and chooses to bring three squads of infantry and a company commander, which is a force greater than half his original force of six infantry and a company commander. He is allowed to bring a detachment of Adeptus Astartes which by unit count may number more than half of his force.)


Challenge the Third
* Bronze: Post a battle report of a game you played with your organisation force created in Challenge #2;

* Silver: Post a battle report, with EITHER pre- and post-battle fluff (500 words each) OR turn-by-turn photos/maps, of a
game you played with your organisation force;

* Gold: Post a battle report, with pre- and post-battle fluff (500 words each) AND turn-by-turn photos/maps, of a game
you played with your organisation force.


First Round of Participants (8-17-2020 to 10-17-2020):

  • s

Second Round of Participants (10-17-2020 to 12-17-2020):

  • f

Third Round of Participants (12-17-2020 to 2-17-2021)

  • h

Dosjeska: But then again we are Iron Hands, we will use a hammer as a scalpel. Ace Debonair: Loyalists bow to The Emperor, Heretics bow to their Dark Gods, but everybody bows to Captain Semper. Brian Blaire: Bolted for emphasis
There are 4 boxes to use in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo. Use in that order. -anon [][] Laus Alit Artes-Praise Nourishes the Arts
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This will be for round three on me just because I haven't been able to get in a game in the last year or more and With current events near future isn't looking too good. Quick question If we get a game in while doing one of the other challenges can it count for this challenge as long as we work on the writing pieces later?

Bloodmoon Hunters Armorial mini

With iron and fire the beast shall be lain low at the hands of the Hunters whose home is under the Bloodmoon. 


Bloodmoon Hunters on 40k Homebrew Wiki and 40k Theories Youtube Channel



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