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My Way in 9th with Grey Knights

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I could get in 2 Rounds of 1k games against the new black templars. But oh boy we schred Marines. I did shoot those Marines and Redemtors to bits, it was not funny. The small board was not helping him because i got first turn in both games.

I did learn, that it is quite hard to get the empiric emplification in range and cast it on a 7. The other thing i learned is, that out NDK's are insane shooting platforms with a techmarine buff.


I did play around with battlescribe. I had three List ideas, one with a big terminator blob(but wow they are expensive), then a big unit of purifiers(double flame with a pseudo devastor squad) or the 5th NDK.  In the end it was the 5th NDK because i can sacrefice one(the one without the CC Weapon) as a distraction Carnifex and i get 2 squads of Servitors in.


I like the Rapier Inceptors because I can use their psycic power to shoot and keep them safe or play the mission OR buff them with the rapier +1Attk and go ham. The Swordbearers I'm a bit unsure but the potential is there. I would like to play the Blades of victory for the double scouting NDK's, that seems to be fun. But here is the List(I dont have Relics or WL-traits yet):


Patrol Detachment - Swordbearers


Brotherhood Techmarine, Gate of Infinity, Fortelling of Locus @ 110


GMNDK, N-Greatsword, hvy. Psycannon, galting Psilencer, Empyric Amplification, Vortex of Doom, @220

Gem of Inoktu (this is for a critical Amplf., rather than the Gate on the Techmarine)


5 Strike Marines, 4xHalberds 1x Psilencer  @110


4 Servitors @30

4 Servitors @30


NDK, N-Greatsword, hvy. Psycannon, gatling Psilencer @175

NDK, N-Greatsword, hvy. Psycannon, gatling Psilencer @175


Patrol Detachment - Rapiers (-2CP)


GMNDK, N-Demon Greathammer, hvy. Psycannon, galting Psilencer, Empyric Amplification, Vortex of Doom, @220

Servant of the Throne


Supreme Grandmaster Lord Kaldo Draigo @ 180

Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary, Vortex of Doom


5 Strike Marines, 1x Sword, 3x Halberd, 1x Psilencer @110


10 Interceptor, 10x Halberds @240

10 Interceptor, 10x Halberds @240


NDK, 2x Fists, hvy. Psycannon, gatling Psilencer @160


= 2000 Points


Maybe I can manage to play a big game this or next week. And I still need to finish my last NDK because i ran out of bits on the 4th one on my GK Weapos. So I need to get creative.

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