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1000pts Flesh Tearers

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Going in hot tonight with a small 1000pt FT list. Haven’t played these guys in a while as I have been focused on my Competitive Ultras lists.

This one is just for fun.

Incursion missions.

Vanguard detachment

Chaplain. Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol, Warlord, visions of death, Of Wrath and Rage, Canticle of hate
sanguinary Priest with Jump pack, Infernus pistol, Sorrow’s Genesis

10x Death Company with bolters, Jump packs. TH, 2xPF, Power Axe 6xchainswords
Relic Contemptor with fists and Cyclone ML
3x Bladeguards

3x Outriders

Impulsor with shield dome.

So 5 CPs to start.

Plan is to agressive with the DC and Chaplain in one quarter, Outriders with priest take another quarter.
With sorrow’s genesis I should be able to keep the bikes in the fight longer making them very tough to kill.

Contemptor holds a backfield quarter and engages anything that comes near. His ML can make him contribute if he gets ignored.

Impulsor and blade guard take and hold another quarter and objective camp.

With some strat shenanigans like forelorn fury, decent of angels and upon wings of fire I should be able to engage early. The DC can also split up if needed.

The small incursion board should play in my favour.

Hoping for a bit of fun with this. Not sure who I’m facing. Necron, Harlequins, Admech, Salamanders and Guard are all on the docket.

Will post a quick bat rep later.
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How did the game go?

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