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Research for Indomitus Blood Angel "Successor" Project

Indomitus Primaris Successor Blood Angel

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Recently returned to 40k toward the last half of 8th edition after being gone since the very first part of 5th edition. I started in 2nd as a Space Wolf before transitioning to a Vanilla DIY Marine player in 3rd, which is where I became a fan of the Raven Guard's more modern/professional army playstyle. 


I have never played a melee weighted army, even when I played the Demonhunter/Grey Knights ages ago, This is the edition that changes. Though I half tons of love for the Templars, I don't feel I can deviate quite that far from "Codex". More specifically, I very much am looking forward to painting a primarily red army that will be a Primaris only Chapter.


Mephiston seals the deal as just about the coolest looking Primaris Character to date. He also will be my first "must design around" Librarian since the Grey Knights. I can't wait to put my color scheme to work on him. Also ... I know I said all-Primaris but only and only exception might be converting an old Dreadnought I had left from 3rd edition into a Librarian Dreadnought. I hadn't given it much thought before (because I love the Primaris Chaplain models - all of them) but this just might be a Chapter with a higher than normal ration of psykers.



Introductions complete smile.png



I am looking for any ideas/thoughts/insights on expanding the army past the two sets of Indomitus Marines that I purchased last month. I fully expect not to put a fine edge on the sword so to speak until the new Marine Codex comes out in October but I have a ton of building and painting to do already before then and I hope this blog will help motivate me. Not to mention GW replenishment is horrid right now.


As mentioned I have two Indomitus Marine sets and purchasing Mephiston is a must. That gives me a solid 1000 points to start ... it's from there I could use some help on what to add next. I have a few hundred in trade value with an online store so when GW gets stock out again I hope to grab what I need fairly quick to turn Indomitus into a competitive army.


I am making some assumptions. For instance, Bladeguard and Outriders going from a unit of 3 to units of 3-6. I've heard 9 for Outriders but imo they have such a large base size a unit of 4/5 is about as big as can be usefully maneuvered. Playing RG in 8th has me use to using CP for deploying units like Aggressors so this is new to me. I assume two Impulsors are in my future?


As a side note, while I don't have any plans for them, I also have two Invictors and a Xiphon collecting dust. Thanks for any thoughts and I hope to post pics of my "Successor" color scheme soonish along with a name for the Chapter.

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I think indomitus is already reasonably strong. My only thoughts for stuff to add would be 1-2 impulsors to ferry the bladeguard/characters/assauly intercessors, and then your invictors, which were already decent. 


Adding 2x5 infiltrators and 2x5 incursors would be good for early board control also. 





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Hey Dracos, welcome!
Xenith beat me to it, but my thoughts are exactly the same: Ipulsors, and more Troops options. 
Intercessors are also good for keeping some back or mid-field objectives and Sergeant's ability to take some heavy-hitting smash weapon is really good too.

Not sure if the BG-Ancient can take the Standard of Sacrifice, but if  not, then consider changing one into a regular Ancient just for that relic.
Other than that, rest of the Primaris units' range plays with BA very similarly to other Chapters. 

For additional fun factor, consider converting some of your 20 Assault Intercessors into DC (regular or Intercessor).

Good luck and show some pictures :D

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