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Basement Batreps | Tyranids Vs Salamanders | The Scouring

batrep battle report 9th edition salamanders tyranids

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Hey everyone, we are back for another Battle Report.
Just in time to kick off your Saturday morning with another rematch with the Tyranids and Salamanders. This time I brought a Prime/Warrior centered list. I planb on building upon the list and seeing how a Levi list compares to running them as Jormy. The Salamanders tryout a Intercessor heavy force to put a stop to their biomass consuming rivals.
I also am working on a bit of a different format for the report. This time we recap at the end of movement, psychic/shooting, and then at the end of the turn. I apologize if it was a bit choppy at first, but we are working on smoothing out the format. 
Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought about the battle.
Tyranids Vs Salamanders
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The Scouring

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