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W40k Army List Generator

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A software project my from summer vacation you might be interested in: https://github.com/m.../w40k-generator

As explained in this page:

Are you:

- Tired of your winning streak?
- Interested in trying combinations you haven't even thought of?
- Looking for non-optimized lists to introduce new players?

If so, then you might be interested in this library! This is a pet project whose purpose is to randomly generate valid lists for Warhammer 40,000's 9th edition, based on your personal model collection. It currently supports:

- Necrons (other factions can be added with ease);
- Single patrol detachment per list (other detachment types can be added with ease - see Detachments; more than one detachment per list would require some code modification);
- Flexible unit limits for dedicated transports and other special cases (ex.: Necron Cryptothralls).

Here's the output:


Let me know what you think!
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so far i like the overall idea. its neat seeing the lists it generates. 


My suggestion though, is switch from points to Power Level, or add the option to do either if that's easy enough to program in.  That way the difficulty of adjusting point costs for a random list generator would be less difficult. Though i can already see some snags that'd have to be programmed in to do power level, since not all units simply double the power level cost when you increase the unit size.  Plus, you might find a larger fan base for this app in Narrative/Campaign/Open Play players who would use Power Level, instead of the more competitive Matched Play points-cost using player blase.





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  • Location:Canada
  • Faction: Necrons
Thanks Dusktiger, you're not the first one to make this suggestion so I'll definitely consider it. As you mentioned, it's not a straightforward conversion so it'd require ajustements to the internal logic and complexify data entry but it'd probably be interesting for many people (thus worth the effort).

I'll probably wait until I see people using it before I invest more time though, AFAIK I'm currently the only one using this. But if people show interest I'll definitely keep improving it.

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