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Chaos Rhino Equipment

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Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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I just cheated and modeled mine with quad bolters, except for one who got a pintle-mounted bolter on the back.



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Putrid Choir

Putrid Choir


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On the back is how the Dark Works: https://thedarkworks...pon-system-kits (a store owned by B+C user Subtle Discord) shows the custom havoc launchers it sells, and they seem to fit quite nicely there. That said, his are quite a bit bigger than the GW ones, I think. BTW, this store also has a cute little mini turret with a combibolter if you don't want to make it a cupola mounted weapon, though it goes in the same place - plus it comes with one magnetized option if you want to make it a combi-flamer, melta or plasma.

I've seen them mounted on the armour above the tracks on one side or another and that fine as well. That's probably where I will put mine when I put them together (I plan to magnetize them).

Thanks for the link, those look really nice. Might get some for my rhino.

Subtle Discord

Subtle Discord


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Despite doubling my moulds for the Mk.III Trim Kit and trying to keep up with sales, I'm down to just one in stock as I'm writing this. They will get restocked in the near future, but I'm swamped right now.

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