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500 pt Escalation List

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The Unseen

The Unseen


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Local area is getting back on its feet with an escalation league.
Despite my urging, they went with 500, I argued for 600 or 750 as lists are real wonky with such low pts. (What, 400ish in 8th terms?) And we had problems with a few spoiler lists and mitchmached games last go round at 500 in 8th.
But they didn't listen.
Ohh well.

So I made up this to try out some out the recently-assembled Indomitus units, plus the definetely undercosted Relic Contemptor.

Indomitus Captain, Quake Bolts, Selfless Valor

The indomitus captain doesn't have many relics for us, we don't have a bolt pistol replacement, he already has a 2+ 4++, and a 4+++ vs mortals, so I went with quak bolts so his 1 bolter shot might do something.
Selfless Valor is disgustingly good on a small board

(5) Intercessors, auto bolt rifles, aux grenade launcher, power sword sarge

The objective grabbers who can bully whatever troop unit my opponent brought

Bladeguard Vets, which just seem very efficient for BA and will probably do fine on such a small board, and will enjoy the captain buffing them to hit something on 2s with quake bolts and reroll 1s to hit, Str5 is the sweet spot for Red Thirst.

And the sauce

Relic Contemptor, Heavy Plasma Cannon, Fist, Plasma Blastgun, and Cyclone

Spits out 2 missiles and average of 4 plasma shots hitting on 2s, and is a nightmare to kill.

"For the Emperor and Sanguinius! Death! DEATH!"



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