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How best to expand

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So I've purchased a few sisters models or gotten them from trades and stuff since 5th edition ended. I play dark angels mainly (along with an admech kill team). So here's what I got and I was wondering if I can mash togeather anything with what I have and if someone can recommend some improvements. I also have greyfax

Celestine and her bodyguards

1 sisters squad, one multi melta, 10 sisters

1 rhino

Ephreal stern (I don't have kyganil)

1 hospitalier (the old one)

Uriah Jacobus

dark angles Skitarii , Forgotten Brotherhood


banners 4 sale by someone else on ebay


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I would say get a squad of repentia and have a game to see how it goes.
A patrol with a missionary and celestine as HQ, 2 squads of 5 sisters or 1 of 10 and 9 repentia in a rhino sounds like a fun small army.
Expand bygetting two more squads of battle sisters, a canoness and an imagifier and you have the base of a decent batallion list. Add anything for oersonal flavour.


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