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9 Step Night Lords Aquila Conversion

Night Lords

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Hi Eveyrone,

I am still quite new to the forum but wanted to contribute a little something. I have been working on a `loyalist` Night Lords army that uses intercessors and other imperial models as a base for the conversions. I figured some other Night Lords players might like to know a relatively easy conversion to turn the Imperial Aquila into something a bit more... sinister. I hope I have made the instructions quite straight forward, but I have attached links to the images on Imgur for those who would like to follow along visually.

What you will need:
Miniature with an Imperial Aquila (I used a terminator for the example pictures because it is easier to see but see can use this technique on any aquila)
Hobby Knife
Rounded sculpting tool (Doesn`t need to be fancy I use the a metal ink cartridge from a fancy pen)

Step 1) Using a hobby knife, scrape away the feathered section of the Imperial Aquila, leaving only the top edge of the wing: https://imgur.com/vvZK5fl

Step 2) Apply a blob of greenstuff to the chest: https://imgur.com/An1ayKA

Step 3) Using the flat of a hobby knife, press the greenstuff flat against the chest so that it is flush with the remaining piece of wing and the skull: https://imgur.com/odgIg7A

Step 4) Trim the edges of the greenstuff to make a rough square: https://imgur.com/gNee9Yz

Step 5) Using a hobby knife, mark out roughly where the wing bones will be, across the wing and along the interior edge: https://imgur.com/Q3bziFC

Step 6) Using a round edged sculpting tool press down on the membrane portion of the top of the wing until it is only flush with chest: https://imgur.com/VrxJ690

Step 7) Using a round edged sculpting tool repeat the process on the bottom membrane of the wing and clean up the the wing bones: https://imgur.com/akpjbMP

Step 8) Using a hobby knife, trim away the edges of the membrane to add a curved edge: https://imgur.com/lc2Xf8H

Step 9) Repeat steps 2 to 8: https://imgur.com/brXwe5d

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Great idea!

Thank you!


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