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Sons of Horus Banner Art

Age of Darkness setting Horus Heresy setting Sons of Horus

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Hi all,


Looong hobby hiatus for me. As I've eased back into things, I'm considering starting a small 30k force. I've chosen the Sons of Horus as I really like the colour scheme and the background. No idea if they are a competitive Horus Heresy army. Not sure I'm too bothered about that aspect though.


Also, representing the harsh Chtonian culture of the Legion on the models, through iconography, weapons, etc... sounds like a fun project to me.


I'd like the force to represent the SoH Pre-Heresy/at the onset of the Heresy, before their fall into damnation.


What I'm doing now is putting some concept art together to get a feel for the force and make me understand how the army is going to fit together visually.


I thought that banners would be a good start as they are a focal point of any army. I've tried to mock up some designs, but I was curious if anyone had any feedback on these. Do they fit your understanding of the Legion? Are they impactful enough?


Finally, does anyone know any good reference material specifically for SoH banners?

Has anyone painted anything they'd like to share?


I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have, searching the internet hasn't yielded as much as I'd like.


Here's what I came up with:


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Marshal Loss


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They look very cool. I'd consider giving Ullanor pride of place though, rather than a campaign like Murder, given the former's importance to the Legion's identity & Horus' own position.


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Those are pretty good mock up representations, Stratokhan my dude.  They seem to fit in perfectly well with what I'd suspect company standards were, to the point that I did manage something not too dissimilar as a modeling project over the weekend. I figured 'go close to the 40K gonfalon banners' and made something up on my 3D printer that would compliment the standard banner icon from the SoH decal sheet that's on my herald, or the 'Horusian battle standard' of the simple red and gold eye on a ragged banner that's in my other command squad.  So, I made up a company banner for my 65th company (though, they're mostly of Terran descent which is why I picked the Laurels). 



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