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[40k] Imperial Armour Compendium

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Magos Takatus

Magos Takatus


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Since I saw it mentioned here: The Secutarii for AdMech are definitely in this book, since the Datasheet for the Archaeopter Transvector lists them as possible passengers. Although it lists 6 of them as the max capacity, so I reckon that their minimal unit size of 10 will be pushed down to 5. And maybe they'll even be Troops, finally? They should be...




I could be crazy, but I thought the Secutarii already had 40K rules? Would be nice if they did resize the squads for 40K transports though.



You're not crazy. They have free datasheets on the Forgeworld Store and may have had an FAQ or even points update in the recent years (I'm not too sure, because I don't main AdMech). I was just commenting on the assumption that it may be only those two units and the Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill in the coming Forgeworld update. I wanted to clarify, that it's definitive that they'll be in there, since their support was essentially guaranteed by GW because of their name appearing in the Transvector Datasheet.

I highly doubt that they would leave them as a downloadable datasheet and not include them in this book, especially since the transport capacity for the Transvector makes it impossible* to board them, at the moment.


Edit: *well... technically not impossible. If 4 or more of them get killed you could embark them afterwards but...... yeah.


Yeah, having to play Russian Roulette to decide who gets a ride home is another indication that the Adeptus Mechanicus Human Resources department is criminally undersized.


I'm expecting that Admech will just get the Secutarii and the drill. I am also expecting nerfs to the Hoplites because I had my first game with them recently and they actually did pretty well. :P


Personally, I'd be looking for a good excuse to buy a Thanatar with that scary looking plasma mortar thing. Ball's in GW's court...

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Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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Hopefully they nerf that drill. They aren't that game breaking but I fought 3 of them with my tyranids and embarrasingly realised those transports were better in melee than my hive tyrant and carnifexes.

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