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Creations of Bile alternate models

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The Unseen

The Unseen


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So, I recently acquired a large number or CSM, and read the bile trilogy, so guess what I'? doing with them?
This is going to end up being my 3rd army behind BA and Necrons, and yet I keep telling myself I don't have a problem.
More seriously, itll be cool to have a decent army under Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos, and this will let me try my hand at modeling and painting a wider variety of stuff. Hyper competitive isn't the goal, but I would like the army to function well enough for casual play.

I have an absolute ton of already converted cultists, more bolter and chainsword dudes than I need and a few helbrutes, along with the skaven half of island of blood for yet more conversions.

I already have some ideas, I'm wanting to lean more towards flesh-crafted horrors rather than rampart daemonic/warp based stuff, so im looking for alternate model choices for stuff like oblits, greater and lesser possessed, a single daemon prince stand in for a really big mutant, and a model for mesuline.

Already know I'm gonna use the FW kakaphoni for my havocs, as the rules for noise marines make me sad, but their blasters will make suitable heavy weapon alts.
And I think Grotesques and Wracks would make suitable possessed models with some conversion to make them slightly less dark eldary, and I'm headed over to look at the cryxis(?) stuff from warmachine.

Any one else know of suitable conversion fodder?

"For the Emperor and Sanguinius! Death! DEATH!"



Doom Herald

Doom Herald


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Stormfiends would be cool for Obliterators/Mutilators. Maybe Rat Ogors for DPs. I think Skaven and Drukhari have good parts for Bile.




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I actually got a box of Warhammer Fantasy zombies (comes in a box of 30 for very cheap iirc), here i was making a Possessed out of a Primaris (like he got possessed against his will, etc.):




The zombies, to make them look more gangly, have strange proportions.  In particular the arms are longer but still thin, and they actually fit even a Primaris fine.  Some arms are clothed so I'll have to paint those "sleeves" like the ripped inner lining of power armour or something.  This model's right forearm was clipped to fit (that's why it's shorter) because I was using those freebie Primaris what the shop gives.

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