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Anyone have any Rules for 'Boss Fights' for the Crusades

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I've been wanting to make some sort of epic boss fight. I've slowly introduced some people into 40k using crusades. I've been using chaos to have them got against. I've been doing a heavy ork vs marines crusade with a long time player. I wanted to do a mega battle with me and the 2 others vs my ork buddy. He has boyz for days and all kinda contraptions up to stompa level. He also is the only ork player to have 15+ flyers and enough koptas to make a whole army of them I think.
I wanted to make a huge WaaaaghKraft Karrier type airship that's close to a titan strength for a Boss Fight

What im really asking for is maybe some sort of points or powerlevel estimator. If anyone knows one or wants to take a guess let me know. I will share my profile idea below. Let me know what you think

Fluff on the Waaaaghkraft Karrier-
Dokta Shokka of the Deff Skullz is a Frankenstein Ork above and Beyond the normal outlandish ork chop shop enhanced xenos. Dokta Shokka is actually 2 orks combined into 1...their previous Boss valued both of them as his best mek and dok..in a fight both were greivisouly wounded, each losing half their bodies. The boss in his divine wisdom ordered them to be saved at all costs via attaching both of them to make 1 ork but with 2 heads. The Combo lead to amazing abilities in the fields of genetic manipulation and cybernetic enhancements. The most genius idea was being able create squigs that could eat metal and produce highly magnetized facts. Which could be contained to create energy as well anti gravity force.

They created a huge airship powered by these squigs that employ a lot of electricity based attacks

Special rules:
Transport: 40 infantry and 6 deff koptas
Repair crew
Repulsor Field: at the beginning of ork players shooting phase, ork player can active field, all enemy flying units within 12" inches take D3 mortal wounds
Shielding: Airship has a 5+ invul save, 4+ invul save vs ranged attacks from 12+ inches
Super charge: instead of activating repulsor field, player can super charge its Big Zzzapas. Add 3 to the strength rolls
Grounding Harpoon: instead activating the repulsor field the player can use the harpoons as grounding rods. If the harpoon hits the target it takes d3 mortal wounds. Vehicles, Monsters and units with 10+ models suffer 2d3 mortal wounds
Elektro Hull:enemy units that attack the airship in fight phase roll d6..on a 1 they receive d3a mortal wounds

M BS WS S T W A Ld save
12 5+ 5+ 8 9 60 6 10 2+/5+->6+

3x Big Zzzapas
4x Twin linked Big shoots
2x Harpoons- rng 18, strength 8, ap-3, 2 damage
Special rules- units that suffer wounds from harpoon(not including grounding) can now be charged in the fight phase with up to 10 models and doesn't need roll for distance. If harpoon was used for grounding, ork player rolls 1d6 for each model charging, on each roll of 1 kills an ork
The Pleasure God's Chosen

Emperor's Children (RIP) 2500 pts
Death Guard 3500 pts
Iron Warriors 3000 pts
Enslaved Traitor Guardsmen 1500 pts
Daemons 4000 pts
Salamanders 3000 pts
Necrons 2000 pts

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