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(slightly) Reworked Lion's rules for Horus Heresy

30k Dark Angels Lion ElJonson

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With book 9 now out and having been abble to test the rules for the Lion, we decided with my local gaming group to slightly rework the ruleset for the Lion to make his tabbletop rules match his BL lore a bit more. We wanted to keep most of the rules FW had come up with and not end up too far from the original profile.

As we are having a lot of fun with this new set of rules : I'll post them here if anyone who want try an alternate Rule set for the Lion :


Lion El’ Jonson (Unofficial Rework)                                                              475 points



                                             WS      BS         S         T         W         I          A        Ld      Sv

Lion El Jonson                       9         5           7         6           6         7           5        10        2+





Unit Composition

  • 1 (Unique)

Unit Type

  • Infantry (Character)
  • The Fusil Actinaeus
  • The Lion sword or the Wolf Blade
  • Frag grenades
  • Stasis Grenades
  • The Leonine Panoply
Special Rules
  • Primarch (Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Adamantium Will, Fleet, Fearless, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Precision Shots, Precision Strikes)
  • Sire of the Dark Angels
  • The point of the Blade
  • An Absolute Focus
  • The Lion’s Choler
  • Head of the Hexagrammaton
  • Very Bulky


Sire of the Dark Angels
While Lion El Jonson is on the battlefield, all friendly models with the Legiones Astartes (Dark Angels) special rule to roll an additional d6 for all moral checks and use the 2 lowest dice to decide the result of the check. Additionally, after both sides are deployed but before which side gets the first turn is determined, you may redeploy 1d3 units within the limitations of the mission being played. This may place a unit that had been deployed normally into reserve or bring a unit out of reserve.


 The Point of the Blade
After declaring a charge for Lion El’Jonson and any unit he has joined, the controlling player may choose to move 8”, ignoring the effect of Difficult terrain or Dangerous terrain, instead of rolling for Charge normally.


The Lion’s Choler
When reduced to 4 wounds or less the Lion gains +1 attack, increased to +2 attacks when reduced to 2 wounds or less.


Absolute Focus
In any assault phase, Lion El’ Jonson is never required to roll more than 4+ to hit any enemy model, regardless of the enemy’s WS, any special rule or modifiers in play.


Deathwing Companions.

A unit of Deathwing Companions may be included as part of the same Lord of War choice as Lion El’Jonson. If selected, Lion El’Jonson must join this unit and may not voluntarily leave it during play.



The Leonine Panoply: Confers Lion El Jonson, a 2+ armor save and a 4+ invulnerable save. The first failed invulnerable save made for Lion El’Jonson each turn may be rerolled.


The Fusil Actinaeus

Weapon                     Range       Str      AP         Type

The fusil Actinaeus       18”          7          2           Salvo 2/4, Twin Linked, Blind


The Lion Sword

Weapon                         Range     Str      AP 

The Lion Sword             Melee     User      1        
Type: Melee, Two Handed, Lance, Fleshbane, Instant Death, Master-crafted                             

Wolf Blade
Weapon                         Range     Str      AP     

Wolf Blade                     Melee      +3        2       
Type: Mele, Two Handed, Fearsome Ruin, Shred

Fearsome Ruin: Any unit which suffers one or more casualty from this weapon and makes a moral check during the assault phase must roll an additional d6 for that check and keep the 2 highest dice to determine the result.


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