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Member Location Database

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Is there a member database? Something where members can’t see if there are other members in their country/state/city? Or has that been tried and squashed?

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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That is not a function that the software supports. We sort of try to do this via the Community Forums, but the forum construct is woefully inadequate to this. It is something that the admins have been looking into as a potential add-on when we upgrade the software, and if we can find anything that works, it will definitely be considered. As with many add-ons, though, that will probably increase the amount of money we'll have to raise. This is a function that I am very much in favor of, but it will come down to availability and cost.

Note that I've split this portion out from the Revised Contact Methods discussion. Though the two issues are related, I want to discuss them separately.





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I'm not sure if there's an available add-on, but worst case is we must roll our own. That changes the "currency" of the cost to time, but it's likely not a favourable conversion as there will be considerations such as the Worldwide nature of the community (opt-in part is simple enough!).

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