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Hello everyone

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Angry Banana

Angry Banana


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Hi everyone,


I was pointed in this direction from recommendations on the grand alliance forums.


I'm a verteran of the long war having not played 40k since 1st edition.. er.. yes, that's right!


I've decided to get stuck in having painted some pieces over the last couple of years and hopefully this place will provide the motovation I need to give myself a kick up the backside.


I've got a backstory in mind for my armies, and I've sort of decided on an interelated backstory involving Primaris Minotaurs, traitor astartes Iron warriors and a fistful of imperial knights.


The Minotaurs will be composed of the loyalist Iron warriors who never followed their primarch in turning against their brothers, and they now 10,000 years on seek to hunt down their traitor kinsmen.


The knights will be a disgraced household of freeblades who's homeworld and houses were shattered - the remainder have banded together to regain their honour and restore their names and keep the memory fo their homeworld alive.


I've not bought any armylist specific stuff yet, choosing to build and paint what I like and then work that into some sort of army.


Iron Within

Emperor Without



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Welcome aboard! Always good to see another veteran join up, looks like you have your plan all set out too - time to get cracking on the models then msn-wink.gif

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battle captain corpus

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Welcome to the Bolter & Chainsword!

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Welcome! Feel free to share your lore and modelling progress here, we'd love to see it! What you have sounds really cool and I look forward to seeing more. :) 

Maybe you could model TWC-sized "were-templars" who's inner Templar took over in the fury of battle transforming them into a giant half man - half templar?

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