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Codex Roadmap

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Dark Shepherd

Dark Shepherd


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Roadmaps probably save the WC from a lot of hassle with questions about releases if nothing else :)

I would say PA and Vigilus both cant/shouldnt be repeated. I have no doubt therell be some rules supplement in 18-24 months but itll be much more condensed and even in terms of blessings it bestows
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Master Sheol

Master Sheol


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I don't see them doing something like PA ever again. That's sort of a one time deal, don't think people will buy into it a second time. It also handled the 'unique' problem for 8E, where many factions had lackluster rules due to how rushed the game was. As long as things are roughly compatible going forward, that level of updating shouldn't really be necessary.

The roadmaps are good and handy I think. Although it's a little pointless that they won't just tell us the January books, it's quite helpful for the players that have books announced to know when they're coming out.

This is the second time in a row they do it and as it worked well they will do it again

At the end of 7th edition they released 7 campaign books (Montka, Kauyon, Curse of the Wulfen, Wrath of Magnus, the trilogy of the return of RG) and few month after they invalidated all with the new edition.
Now they are doing the same with the Psychic Awakening series

As long as people keep buying GW will follow this marketing strategy
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