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Spartan Vs Assault Ram

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I can't make up my mind about which of these to get....  Most people seem to run the Spartan but in the few games that I have seen the Ram seems to perform very well in delivering units into an enemy's line. Both start off at the same points value but the Spartan generally gets flareshield and other upgrades that the Ram doesn't need.


I guess that the main difference is that with the Spartan it starts on the board whereas you have to wait for your Ram to turn up?


For those of you that run Rams tell me why this is the better option.  Thanks

Nomadic Thunder

Nomadic Thunder


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I don’t own either model but I’d say for the interest of variation go for the assault ram.
I’ve heard, read and seen people become bored of the spartan dynamic. Because it is....boring. It does the job well but really It’s just a big brick that trundles forward to deliver its payload. Has some decent anti-tank firepower but if your opponent knows one is coming it’s guna die fairly quickly often to graviton fire or a lightning. Boring. A to B box ticking kind of play.

If you can improve your own reserve rolls or have a legion trait (sons of Horus for example) or rite of war which help reserves come in then I think the Ram can be a great follow up strike as long as the rest of your army can achieve its objectives and hold its own before the contents of said assault ram are delivered to the field and rip a swathe through the enemy in a cinematic “death from above” kind of way.

It’s a much cooler and inspiring model in my opinion and as an av13 flyer, really rather resilient. Plus once you’ve dropped off your cargo and end up jinking heavy firepower you can shout “full ahead, ramming speed!” And proceed to ram other enemy vehicles. Great fun!!




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I have a ram and a spartan and hands down, the spartan is better.

It starts on the board, so you can get that turn 2 charge off, it's a pain in the arse to kill without a lightning from the front and here's the real best bit - it's a dedicated transport.

The ram may not turn up till turn 4, you can't charge the turn it does and it can be shot out the sky relatively easily due to its low AV. Plus its a heavy slot and you have to spend another slot to fill it. Its expensive fast.

That said, what unit do I take more? Assault ram hands down. Its a flying spartan, it looks awesome and has a massive melta on it. If they make you jink, ram the buggers.

That said, you should decide what it's purpose is. If you use it to capture last turn objectives with a tough unit, it's great. But if you're taking it to win combats, you're gonna be sad.

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