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Returning to the Fang

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Trying to get back into the game, so this is my 1st list:  Any advice is welcome:


The List (999 points):


  • Ragnar Blackmane    
  • WGBL on Thunderwolf   - Warlord
    • Power Sword  (The Burning Blade from C:SM)
    • Storm Shield
  • Grey Huntersx5    
    • 1xPower Fist
    • 4xChainswords
  • WG Pack Leader    
    • Power Fist
    • Storm Shield
  • Grey Huntersx5    
    • 1xPower Sword
    • 4xChainswords
  • WG Terminator Pack Leader    
    • Power Fist
    • Storm Bolter
  • 3xBladeguard Veterans    
  • 5xThunderwolf Cavalry    
    • 5xStorm Shields
    • 4xAstartes Chainswords
    • Power Fist
  • 3xEradicator Squad  


The WG Pack Leader and WG Terminator pack leader are interchangeable, I was thinking the GHs with the WGTPL sit on a backfield objective and plink away with bolters.  The terminator is to soak wounds and help with any reinforcements.  The 3 wounds and 2+/5++ or 2 wounds a 2+/4++ is really a toss-up.  The 9-14 bolter shots on a unit sitting in the back is what tipped me towards the Termie.


Everything else pushes up the board.   Ragnar+BG+GHs for his strong side, then TWC come in from outflank on his weak side.  The 2nd GH squad and the Eradicators are for sitting on 2nd & 3rd objectives.


I'm planning on outflanking the TWC + either the Eradicators or the WGBL.  If my opponent has fast-moving melee, I'll outflank the eradicators so my WGBL can HI and my eradicators can still shoot.  If it's a shooting army, I'll flank the WGBL to tie up his shooting.


Once I get some intercessors, I'll probably swap the backfield GHs for Intercessors with Bolt Rifles.


I don't know what WL Trait to give the WGBL.  I'm thinking 'Rites of War' to make the TWC ObSec, but I intend to use him as a vehicle killer so Beastslayer is really tempting.

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