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Custom Faction: The Thresher Houses

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Okay, so it's worth noting that this post marks the reboot of Saint Katherine's Aegis for 9th Edition. ALL of the other threads in this forum will see a reboot before the New Year, but this particular thread is a good place to start the reboot, because it contains the most interesting part of the Chronicle, which is the NPC factions known as Thresher Houses.


Orison's Wake, the world where this campaign takes place, is an agriworld, so its Nobility are the farming families that oversee continent spanning tracts of crop lands. I created ten families of Threshers and used them to generate the Rough maps in the Campaign Map section of this forum. The characteristics of each House would arise from the random allocations of territories. Some of these details are already written into the Map threads. I also have rough drafts of Thresher Fiction that hasn't gone up yet, but may be ready soon.


The idea was that Necromunda models could be used to represent Threshers. Instead of having each House be represented by a specific gang, I wanted to mix models from multiple gangs to create each house. This is important, because the true purpose of Thresher Houses is to supply recruits to a Genestealer Cult and a Cult of Slaanesh- that's why I refer to them as an NPC faction. 


What I currently have is 10 or so classic metal Escher models and 10 or so classic metal Delaques. My idea was to use these models as uncaptured Threshers. Once a model is captured by a Cult, it has to visually change in order to represent its new allegiance... Which is where the awesome new plastics come into play. Rather than repaint the metals, I'll just add a plastic equivalent to the Cult. This allows me to recycle the metal model to represent another uncaptured Thresher in another Kill Team game.


What makes Thresher Houses into actual 40K factions rather than just Kill Teams is that Threshers can ally with each other to end up with a diversity of skills and traits. Thresher Houses also have access to farm vehicles- things like Ridge Runners, Jackal Bikes as well as Servo Haulers, Goliaths and Rockgrinders converted to look like tractors. Heavy use of magnets on conversions, because once the vehicles are captured by the Cultists, they need to actually become the actual vehicle used as the basis for the conversion. Similarly, vehicles will need subdued paint because once captured, the Cults will "rebrand" the vehicle with their own colours.


Crusade, plus all of the amazing Necromunda gang expansion boxes, plus the fact that I've managed to harvest two rotary blades from dead electric pencil sharpeners that are perfect for tractor conversions plus the fact that I've just put together my first two servo haulers and acquired my fist ridge runner make this the perfact time to really dive into the Thresher Houses.


Coming soon: Kill Team Rules, Kill Team Rosters, Conversions and Combat Patrol Thresher Crusade Rosters.

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