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Split list building sections by chapter

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Now that all space marine chapters are in one codex, I think its time to break up the list building sub-forum by chapter. Some chapters already have their own list sections, but I really think they all should.

I don't play "Codex Space Marines" I play "Black Templars". Just as some of the other list sections play wolves or angels.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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As alluded to here, additional structural changes are likely as we continue to progress into 9th edition. The main issue is how the consolidation of most of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes into Codex: Space Marines will affect our forum structure. As a general rule, our practice has been to have a forum for each codex, with codex supplements having a sub-forum. There are some notable exceptions to this, such as the Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, and Adeptus Custodes, and those, too, are being discussed. As far as the army list sub-forums go, we've generally built those for each codex. The current construct is a remnant of the 8th edition codex structure and it will likely be updated in some ways as a result of the changes to the codex structure in 9th edition.

Breaking forums, including the army list sub-forums, out is one of the options. An alternative option is to consolidate. If this were to happen, the easy answer to identifying army lists built using different sets of rules would be to include the rule set either as a tag (e.g., Black Templars army list), an element of the topic title (e.g., [Black Templars]), or both.

We've seen an increase in army lists in the various forums that might be affected. This is normal in the wake of a new codex release. Our decision, though, will be based on steady state activity once the initial rush ends. This will give us a better picture of whether or not we need to break forums/sub-forums out.

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