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The Five Ruins: The Introduction Thread

Brotherhood of the Lost Five Ruins Alternate Heresy

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The Five Ruins


The apex of the Great Crusade was fast approaching. The costly Rangdan Xenocides has come to an end, leaving the Galactic North to fall into the Imperium’s hands in due time. Victory after victory suggested the Emperor’s vision of a united galaxy under humanity’s rule was no longer a question of if, but when.


It is in this final phase that the monstrous Orks of Ullanor surged forth to threaten the Imperium’s very heart in Segmentum Solar. Warp storms that had provided a check had faded away, allowing the greenskins to pool their strength against outsiders.


As virulent as this new assault was, the Emperor called for the greatest of his Sons and generals to join him in purging this threat.


That would be the last anyone would have seen of him.


At some point in transit to the Ullanor front lines, the Emperor simply vanished.


Bereft of his incredible might, the War Council and the Primarchs fought the Ullanor Orks to a bloody stalemate as Malcador launched investigation after investigation into the whereabouts of the Master of Mankind.


It was during this time, for a mere Terran hour, the Astronomican failed. Millions of lives and hundreds of ships were lost into the tempest of the Warp. How the guiding light of Terra was restored, none know. But warzones on the verge of success were thrown into disarray as promised reinforcements never arrived.


As the years of the Emperor’s absence built upon each other, new threats emerged. Some bold, others subtle. With each additional stress, the Imperium weakened, until one fateful day when one of the Emperor’s own sons chose a new master. 


Message to Viewers
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Five Ruins, the newest Alternate Heresy from the Brotherhood of the Lost group. The premise is 20 new Space Marine legions that get scattered as happened in canon, a Great Crusade, and then on the eve of the Ullanor Crusade the Emperor vanishes. From there everything slowly goes to hell, and is a very different kind of Heresy than Horus' in that there is not a single Heresy and push for Terra, but five phases of conflict that become known in Imperial History as the "Ruins".

We are super excited working on the project and story for our legions, as we work towards producing Forgeworld-style books with both narrative and rules. We are always open for new people joining the project, whether you are a writer or an artist or a modeller or you have any other skill that improves the project, and there is a lot of potential to our galaxy for people to explore. We hope anyone viewing our work enjoys it, and watches or even participates as our narrative unfolds.

Some of the threads and posts on this forum are rather old at this point, and are from the Icarion Insurrection, the Brotherhood of the Lost's first project. There are some legions and threads that are being carried forward and so contain information from the previous universe, but the older ones are there so you can see the history of the Brotherhood.

We have a wiki we are working on, and it is growing pretty rapidly and is constantly being updated: https://the-five-rui...Five_Ruins_Wiki

simison, Project Leader and writer
TrajantheGreat, Writer and rules maker
TheBlindPrimarch, Member
Darkcommander, Member and vehicle creator
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Jimars, Member
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Antus, Member
CuriexPiper, Writer


The Legions

Iron Revenants

Numeration: The Ist Legion

Primogenitor: Araphel ‘the Colossus’

Cognomen (Prior): Steel Blades

Allegiance: Fidelitas Tenebrae


The First are relentless, cold and ruthless. They’re a legion that before the Ruins was known for its generalist style of warfare, with a form of adaptability that was horribly rigid in its nature. Often choosing to be dropped into the worst war zones possible as a method of proving themselves, they are highly competitive due to their position as the First Legion, and their Primarch’s position as First found. Warfare is often a mathematical equation, a way for them to quickly conquer a planet, reform it in the image of the Emperor and move on quickly. It was only after the Vanishing that the true extent of their paranoia started to become apparent to the other legions. 


Crimson Lions

Numeration: The IInd Legion

Primogenitor: Hectarion Mycenor

Cognomen (Prior): Blood Wolves

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


Warriors of rage yet of shields, the Crimson Lions stand tall among their cousins, both literally and metaphorically. For when the Crimson Lions appear on the battlefield, it is always with a roar, always advancing behind their shield walls. Yet, within their Primarch's empire of Mycenae, the Crimson Lions have shown the discipline and patience necessary for administration. Each Crimson Lion marches forward into battle with the history of his service on his skin as they add tattoos to represent their growing records of service with their veterans covered from head to toe in red pictograms. At the head of this legion of clans is Hectarion, a Primarch of warrior's prowess and berserker's rage. That very rage would become a temptation as their enemies sought to use it against them.


Black Stars

Numeration: The IIIrd Legion

Primogenitor: Absalom Vaughn

Cognomen (Prior): The Marauders

Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita


Among the Legiones Astartes, none are as controversial as the Black Stars and their primogenitor, Absalom Vaughn. Born as a Legion of rampant raiders and brutes that were candidates for eradication, Absalom ruthlessly purged his Legion's of imperfections and moulded them anew in the form he desired. Now one of the most illustrious Legions, the Black Stars, driven by their Primarch's narcissism and envy for his brothers, wage war not only to protect the Imperium, but to also prove their supremacy. Victory is not enough, for every battle must serve a testament to their skills, and the Galaxy must bear witness. However, the IIIrd's obsessive quest for excellence has earned them the scorn and enmity of their peers in the Legiones Astartes, who view them as self-serving, arrogant and untrustworthy. As the Great Crusade progresses and the Black Stars' fixation is intensified, it becomes evident that their Path can only lead to Ruin.


Red Eyes

Numeration: The IVth Legion

Primogenitor: Theoderaf

Cognomen (Prior): Golden Brothers

Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita


There are few legions who embody duty and devotion more than the Red Eyes, being molded and molding themselves to be the Emperor’s executioners, his wrath made manifest and the ultimate punishment to the foes of the Emperor. They quickly established their unique style of warfare, savage yet precise strikes and large scale propaganda campaigns, with the areas and then worlds they conquered becoming some of the most compliant. Their reunion with their Primarch Theoderaf did nothing to change this, in fact it intensified it with Theoderaf’s and the new recruits from Certus Minor’s faith in the divine Emperor. Little did anyone at the time realise that this laid the groundwork for future events to shake them to their core.


Halcyon Wardens

Numeration: The Vth Legion

Primogenitor: Alexandros Darshan VonSalim

Cognomen (Prior): Storm Riders

Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis


The defenders of the Imperium, the Halcyon Wardens serve as one of the most noble of Legions. Always seeking to protect the common man, the Wardens often place themselves between their charges and danger, forming a living wall to push back the threats to Mankind. Leading them is none other than the High Regent, Alexandros. As the chosen guardians in this era of anarchy, the Halcyon Wardens stretch themselves thin to both stabilize once-safe systems and to prevent the opportunistic enemies of Man from gaining a foothold. Alas, threats from within threaten to undo everything the Wardens have set out to accomplish.


Shadow Warriors

Numeration: The VIth Legion

Primogenitor: Rang Talyc, ‘The Ash-Blooded’

Cognomen (Prior): Saturnine Raptors

Allegiance: Traitoris Maximus


A bold and controversial legion, the Shadow Warriors strive to match the high standards they set for themselves. Bound by their strong commitment to mastering combat and an intense sense of community within the legion, the Warriors were always at the forefront of the Great Crusade. These commitments also came with downsides, as the Shadow Warriors put their community above all others, particularly non-Astartes, and within the legion individual Aliite had their own sense of community that promoted independent action. It was this independence that would lead the Shadow Warriors following a dark path that none of them could have predicted.


Monastic Ascendants

Numeration: The VIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Tenzin

Cognomen (Prior): Thunder Knights

Allegiance: Socius Sollicitus


Lauded as a legion of contemplative thought and efficient action, the VIIth Legion Monastic Ascendants have chose to take on the duty of constantly self-improving and encouraging all those around them to better themselves, human and transhuman alike, for the sake of building a harmonious Imperium in the name of the Emperor. Renowned for their prowess with the machine as much as their ability to adapt on the battlefield, their extensive use of electronic warfare and guerrilla tactics on the battlefield has been the deciding factor in toppling many regimes during the many Compliance actions of the Great Crusade. This pursuit of technological advancement would force the Monastic Ascendants to forge their own path in the galaxy, breaking from all established tradition.



Numeration: The VIIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Koschei Kharkovic

Cognomen (Prior): Imperial Marchers

Allegiance: Socius Solicitus


What defines the Godslayers most is their utter dedication to humanity, willingly laying down their lives to protect them and holding them in the highest regard. Whilst earning derision from some of their brother legions, they are loved by their mortal allies and subjects. On the battlefield, the VIIIth wage methodical and cautious warfare, preferring close combat yet not being blinded by personal glory to seek engagements in unfavourable circumstances. Bolstering their ranks are their unique brand of psykers, known as Warp Suppressants, nullifying the psychic powers of their foes. Koschei and his legion's unbridled love of humanity and the struggle to reconcile that with the Imperium at large would lead the legion towards uncharted territory and ever more conflict.


Thousand Sons

Numeration: The XIth Legion

Primogenitor: Magnus

Cognomen (Prior): None

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


Obsidian Guard

Numeration: The Xth Legion

Primogenitor: Lukas Keath

Cognomen (Prior): None

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


The Obsidian Guard specialise in siege warfare, . Surprising, or unsurprising depending on your point of view, for their specialty the Obsidian Guard they find a common kinship with the mortal forces that fight beside them in the mud and blood of the trenches they often occupy. The Obsidian Guard take a methodical, calculating approach to their craft, drowning the enemy fortresses with infernus and phosphex shells before advancing into the bombed out husk behind massed formations of Breachers. The fires of the Ruins would prove the ultimate testing ground for their nature, whether they would be broken or come out stronger than ever. 


Tempest Reavers

Numeration: The XIth Legion

Primogenitor: Ezharion Kulas

Cognomen (Prior): Ranging Hawks

Allegiance: Socius Solicitus


The Tempest Reavers are renown for their contradicting cultural dynamics and unique style of warfare post reunification with their Primarch. Unlike many other legions, which had a seamless blend of cultures, the Tempest Reavers had two similar yet equally contrasting cultures in the Terrans and Farsalans. The Terrans, patient and calculating, skilled in the art of reconnaissance and marksmanship and the Farsalans, hot blooded and savage, specialists in ambushes and sudden overwhelming assaults. Led by their Primarch, Ezharion Kulas, they spent the decades of the Great Crusade building a reputation for rapid compliances and resounding military victories. Yet, their loyalty was only assured by the Emperor, and with his disappearance, they are unchained and in question. As the Imperium hangs in the balance, the Tempest Reavers stand on a knife-edge, poised to decide the outcome and success of any side in the coming Ruins.


Fire Keepers

Numeration: The XIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Niklaas

Cognomen (Prior): None

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


The Fire Keepers are the renowned fortification specialists among the Legions. Their strongholds litter the entire galaxy as they have worked hard to strengthen the Imperium from within. This skill with the forge and hand extends to their own equipment. Working with an unrelenting practicality that has earned the admiration of the Mechanicum, the Fire Keepers have created weapons and tools to sustain their war efforts. Although loyal to the Imperium, the relationship between the legion and the Emperor has always been a mixed one. For though the Fire Keepers have fought with duty and honour throughout the Great Crusade, like their gene-sire, Niklaas, they distrust the witch and the psyker. To be a Fire Keeper psyker is to be condemned to a life of quiet suspicion. It is these strengths and weaknesses the Fire Keepers would carry when Ruin would come for the Imperium.


Sky Reavers

Numeration: The XIIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Aato Väyrynen

Cognomen (Prior): Void Seekers

Allegiance: Socius Solicitus


The fast moving lords of the air, the Sky Reavers aim to dominate the sky above any battlefield before committing to any ground operations. Their superior aerial skills, combined with the numerous modifications they have made to their aircraft, makes them highly mobile foes who can strike from any angle. Their primarch, Aato, is a caring and scientifically-minded Primarch, looking to form close bonds with his brothers and protect his homeworld above all. This love of his homeworld would fuel his scientific experiments, as he began obsessed with finding a way to travel vast distances without the need for the warp to guarantee the survival of his home system. It was this obsession that would lead him and his legion down a path away from the light of the Imperium.


Dune Serpents

Numeration: The XIVth Legion

Primogenitor: Azus Bahmut

Cognomen (Prior): None (Officially), Sightless Fourteenth (Unofficial)

Allegiance: Fidelitas Scindere


Illusive and cunning, the Dune Serpents reveal themselves to their enemies only when they choose to. Before that point, enemy armies suffer sabotage as their communications are jammed, their officers go missing in the night, and their supplies are poisoned. It is only well after the Dune Serpents' venom has worked its way through the veins of their enemy do they finally strike from afar. For Azus, the Ghost of the Sands, views close-combat as a wasteful, vainglory endeavour. The only Primarch to wield an archeotech sniper rifle, Azus would have every opponent dead several kilometres from his lines, ideally without ever knowing his position. It is in the shadows the Serpents thrive. It is in the shadows, they die.


The Riven

Numeration: The XVth Legion

Primogenitor: Morrigar

Cognomen (Prior): None

Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita


The Riven are a brutal, methodical war machine. Known for their rigorous insurgent suppression campaigns and heavy use of psychic legionnaires, the Riven have been assigned to maintaining the internal stability of the Imperium. A glimpse of dark green and bronze armor will send waves of terror through rebels and dissidents, heralding waves of destruction and then psychic reconditioning that are the trademarks of this feared and mysterious legion. The use of psykers and mental powers has made the Riven ripe for rumor, speculation, and mistrust as to their motives and true allegiance.


Stalking Leopards

Numeration: The XVIth Legion

Primogenitor: Kubwa-Chui-Khalfani

Cognomen (Prior): Hunting Shadows

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


The Stalking Leopards are the ultimate masters of stealth and sabotage among the legions. Able to kill a platoon of enemy soldiers with nary a whisper. Originally used by the emperor as a subtle knife, their stealth abilities were already honed to a razors edge by the time their gene-father was found. And since his rediscovery upon a jungle world covered in tribes, they have only improved; adapting and mastering hundreds of environments, from forest to desert, and tundra to city. Every land or world they tread upon envelopes them, hiding them until they wish to be seen again. They are not just adept at stealth, for this term can not hope to describe the sheer capabilities they display; ambushes are sprung with no warning, leaders killed in broad daylight while surrounded by their forces, enemy troops disappear off a map with no apparent cause, shots connect from leagues away, and a knife slits your throat when you least expect it.


Warriors of Peace

Numeration: The XVIIth Legion

Primogenitor: The Jade General

Cognomen (Prior): None, Imperial Light (Unofficial)

Allegiance: Socius Solicitus


Warriors who have emptied themselves of emotion before battle, the Warriors of Peace fight not as many but as one. Every marine, every squad, every company is expected to fight as a single unit, operating in perfect coordination with their brethren, drawing strength from one another as they battle in near-total silence. The eerie movements of these Legiones Astartes is further enhanced by their Pariah officers which unsettle enemy combatants to weaken morale. They are commanded by the Jade General, a Primarch who tossed his natural name long ago as he devoted himself to studying Pariahs. Making war with a scholar's mind, the Jade General is an extremely dangerous martial artist who slays his foes with only his hands and feet. His and his sons’ path has always been one of choosing the most logical choice to his strange mind, whether it be loyalty, traitorhood, or something else altogether.


Star Lords

Numeration: The XVIIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Caelum Vigilat

Cognomen (Prior): Knights of the Sun

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


The Star Lords are the undisputed masters of the void. It is this environment which has shaped them into some of the most fearsome assault specialists among the Legiones Astartes. Fighting in the narrow corridors of starcraft, the Star Lords have come to value the art of the blade, the charge, and the fury. Enemies who bear the unfortunate luck to be boarded face against warriors who give into a battle frenzy that overwhelm and destroy. They are led by Caelum Vigilat, a simple soul who is a firm believer that the best defense is a strong offense. Living up to his own ideals, Caelum is often the first into battle, swinging with a mighty sword the length of three men. This straightforward approach to war would be tested as the Ruins would twist their former allies into canny foes.



Numeration: The XIXth Legion

Primogenitor: NA

Cognomen (Prior): None

Allegiance: NA


Alabaster Order

Numeration: The XXth Legion

Primogenitor: Gustave Dunant

Cognomen (Prior): Amathane Brotherhood

Allegiance: Socius Solicitus


As the XXth and last legion, the Alabaster Order have always been predisposed towards support roles, yet they have embraced this and focus on humanitarian aid. This would eventually lead to their censure by the Emperor as Gustave Dunant turned the legion too far from their combat purpose. Many of the legions don't understand the mindset of the twentieth, but the courage, and unwavering discipline of the legion is beyond question, earning them the respect of several legions and the Imperial Army. The other aspect that the legion is most well known for is their unique organisation, being split into two arms. The Alabaster Order is the medical and humanitarian focused arm, and the Amathane Brotherhood is the combat and defence arm. Although they sought to do no harm, and benefit mankind first and foremost, they would eventually be a source of much greater harm and damnation.

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We are currently adding all of our new stories onto our Wiki, so they are all centralised there.








  • 232 posts



Alexandros Darshan Von Salim, the High Regent (Psyker, Shield-master, Diplomat, Friendly, Pro-xeno)
Niklaas (Muggle, Siege/Fortification Ops, Craftsman, Snarky, Anti-Psyker)
Hectarion Mycenor (Muggle, Berserker, All-Rounder, Calculating)
Azus Bahmut (Muggle, Ninja, Saboteur, Bipolar-sanity)
Kubwa-Chui-Khalfani (Muggle, Stealth Ops, pro-abhuman)
Caelum Vigilat (Muggle, Fleetmaster, Pro-Xenos, Fanatic)
Araphel (Muggle, Paranoid, All-Rounder)

Lukas Keath (Psyker, Siege Ops, Stubborn)

Rang Talyc, The Ash-Blooded (Muggle, Family-Oriented, Ruthless) - Undivided

Absalom Vaughn (Muggle, Arrogant, Duellist, - Slaanesh

Theoderaf (Muggle, Highly Religious, Anger Issues) - Khorne

Morrigar (Psyker, Secluded, Brutal) - Tzeentch

Gustave Dunant (Muggle, Doctor, Humanitarian) - Nurgle

The Separatists:
Jade General (Pariah, Genetic Experts, Martial Artists, Aloof)
Koschei Kharkovic 
(Psyker, Anti-psyker, Resilient, Idealist)

Tenzin (Muggle, Stealth Ops, cybernetic but fancier than Iron Hands)

Aato Vayrynen (Muggle, Anti-Warp Travel, Air Superiority, Scientist)

Ezharion Kulas (Muggle, Barbarian King, Freedom Fighter, Friendly)

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