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9th edition - 2000 pts WS successor

White Scars successor 2000 pts 9th edition

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Commander Nicky

Commander Nicky


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So after some thoughts and "soul searching" with a White Scars succesor army, and a little consideration with the models I currently have and are gonna buy, I have come up with an army which I feel balance pretty well. I must say, that I am still new to WH 40K so bear in mind please:


2000 pts SM White Scars successor army:


Chapter tactics: Hunry for Battle and Whirlwind of Rage.


2 CP on Strategic reserves + 1 for The Khan's Champion. -3 CP.


HQ (235 pts -2 CP):


Captain (1); JP+PF+CM. Warlord (The Imperium's Sword), Tempered by Wisdom (Hunter's instincts), Relic (The Armour of Indomnitus) - 125 pts -1 CP.


Librarian in Terminator armour (1); FS+SB. Hero of the Chapter (Rites of War), Psychic powers (Ride the Winds, Spirits of Chogoris). - 110 pts -1 CP



Troops (470 pts):


Intersessor squad (5); 4x w/ABR + 1x w/AGL + PF on Srg - 115 pts


Intersessor squad (5); 4x w/ABR + 1x w/AGL + PF on Srg - 115 pts.


Tacical squad (5); MM + combi-plasma on Srg - 120 pts.


Tacical squad (5); MM + combi-plasma on Srg - 120 pts.



Elites (557 pts):


Redemptor Dreadnought (1); OGC+MPI+IRP - 185 pts.


Terminator squad (5); 2x w/CF + 2x w/PF + CML TH - 220 pts.


Vanguard Veteran squad (5); 5x JP's + 3x w/SS+LC + 1x w/PF+LC + Srg. w/LC(Master-crafted)+TH - 152 pts.



Fast Attack (380 pts):


Outrider squad (3); - 135 pts.


Outrider squad (3); - 135 pts.


Attack Bike squad (2); 2x w/MM - 110 pts



Heavy Support (230 pts):


Eliminator squad (3); 3x w/BS - 90 pts


Devastator squad (5); 4x w/GC + AC + Srg w/SB - 140 pts



Dedicated Transports (125):


Razorback (1); w/TLC + HKM - 125 pts.


Total: 1997 + 7 CP.



The idea is to have the Outrider squads, The attack bike squad, Characters, Terminators and Vanguard Veterans held in reserve and deployed when turn 2 starts. The Devastator squad is to be deployed in the Razorback in the first turn and the rest of the units are (hopefully) going to survive the first turns shootings...

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