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2000pt Valorous Heart Escort to the Triumph

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Valorous Heart


Strike Force



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My Sisters interest is as much lore and hobbying as it playing, so I’m not looking to burn the world down with this list. It is about getting the most mileage out of the units I find most compelling.


Basically the Triumph moves up and the army supports it, with Celestine and the Zephyrm as a QRF. Dominions and Seraphim are a Turn 1-2 punch for taking out vehicles, with the Retributors being the “Knight” on my chessboard for eliminating truly scary things…they have tons of ablative wounds to soak up the anticipated focus fire of the enemy. 


Of course now I am wondering if instead of 4x MM + ablative wounds in a Retributor squad, and then 4x plain Jane Heavy Bolters in another, if I should go 2x MM and 2x HB in each squad with a sprinkle of ablatives to not have all my eggs in one basket. 


My plan is to have Valorous Heart with Tale of the Stoic, alongside the Triumph and Celestine as needed for a ton of 3+/4++/6+++ and Ignoring AP-1 and AP-2 bodies. The theory is that the defensive profile will soak up a good amount of fire, especially in cover, yet at the end of the day T3 bodies don’t hurt a ton to lose, especially given the (anticipated) amount of fire needed to remove these ones. That’s the theory, anyways, but is it going to deep on the defensive angle? Is the ignoring AP-2 “wasted” by having a decent amount of 4++ all over the place? 


Melee is light, admittedly, but the only melee units I have any interest in would be Mortifiers and I already have 3x HS slots taken up. 


It feels weird to take an Immolator without flamers….but Heavy 4, no penalty to move + shoot, with the new Melta rules is just too damn nasty. I can also put the 10 gal Retributor squad in the Rhino and suddenly the enemy must choose between the scary squad in the worthless metal box or the scary metal box containing just a BSS squad or such.

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