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"Why is it taking me a year to build a handful of models"

primaris space marine death guard conversion non-codex

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In today's episode of said show, I present to you my Phobos Lieutenant;


Came in the Primaris Vanguard set that I got some time ago for the Eliminators and Suppressors (whom turned out to be another story on their own, to be shared soon), but since the Lt. was in the pack, I found a place for him in my roster.


However, two things were certain:


A- He doesn't look very impressive. He's just kinda there, half hearted, his heroic motivation speech for his men a mumbled "Chaos is bad.... I guess?"


B- He doesn't much stand out from the other phobos suited marines.


Obviously something had to be done, though it took me a while to hatch a plan. In the end, the ETB Reivers I've set aside (and replaced with a full kit...) for disliking their rigid poses came in handy!




Y'know that feeling when you start assembling your figure and a day in he's in more pieces than he was when you de-sprued him?


-Original lower body with missing strap greenstuffed on;

-Original torso - Front with decorative computer thingy filed off, Back with holstered pistol carefully cut off to preserve both parts;

-Two large combat knife holsters filed off of an ETB Reiver Sgt each - Gotta have the skull!

-Spare Reiver grapnel launcher - not gonna miss it from the kit, I've actually got more, as an earlier effort to pretty up the ETB-R squad!

-Said holstered pistol - I have plenty of spares but not with a skull on it!;

-ETB Reiver Sgt. pistol arm with hand cut off

-Vanguard box Infiltrator arm with connecting knob cut off

-Leftover .... auspex? from an Intercessor box

-ETB Reiver Sgt. arm-power cable

-TINY skull shaved off of an ETB Reiver Sgt. breastplate. One fell down and I couldn't find it on KITCHEN TILES - this is attempt #2.

-Vanguard box Infiltrator backpack - It stands out more from the crowd

-Original knife hand with small knife cut away

-ETB Reiver Sgt. big knife pommel and blade, + full knife hand for the other arm

-ETB Reiver Sgt. head - got plenty of different spares but this is different than what's in the full kit, and I welcome the variety.

-Original bolt carbine with hand cut off, replacement grip from a Vanguard box Infiltrator's carbine.


-Not shown are; An ETB Reiver's head, carved out to make a helmet w/o the face plate& earphones, a purity seal from Emperor knows where, and 2,5x2 grenades cut from spare Reiver knife sheats.


Turned out thus:




And now his pre-combat peptalk sounds more like " SLAY FOR THE EMPEROR!!! "






Stay tuned for the rest of the force, and their erstwhile enemies!

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Killer pose! I can’t wait to see the rest of the models you have put together. 

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Well, that's a nice answer to the question...


Extremely nice. Love the unique sense of menace he's radiating.

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   I mentioned Suppressors earlier.


Let's just say I haven't agreed with some of the design choices on them.










The bodies are from Intercessors, and arms and shoulders are a mix between Int. rifle arms, and sometimes a bit from the original Suppressors.

Barely anything remained of the original models, save for the gun barrel, the pistols, and one or two shoulders total for the entire squad.


I've used firstborn heavy bolters to replace the weapons' body, belt, and backpack. - Backpack exhausts were swapped with Tacticus backpack exhausts.


The trick to assemble them was to glue up all the weapon parts - bolter, arms, belt, backpack - in one go, stick them on the body before the glue dries, and they could still be nudged into a more or less okay pose.


If I dislike anything on them, it's that the legs aren't quite in that classic heavy weapon brace position.

Oh yeah, and I refuse to have them jump around the table. They're footsloggers now, as their kit indicates.

Edited by MetalMammoth, 10 November 2020 - 12:52 PM.

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