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Some positive news for a change!

Grey Knights Battle Rep Ad Mech Army List

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Guys... I'm back!


I'm feeling good again. You know what it was, painted model syndrome. I clearly needed to wear the models in like a new pair of leather school shoes. (You know the ones your mother used to buy you that were too tight and gave you blisters. No just me?)


Anyway, had a game against my Admech mate again. Retooled my army list. At this point, I needed to try anything to get some traction.

I set up terrain, symmetrical and even for both sides. Super dense, but with room for vehicles (bots and dreadnoughts to move between)

I ended up getting 1st turn. It was a slow ramp up as the turns progressed culminating in a total bloodbath by turn 4. Turn 5 he had to survive to have any chance.


Complete 180 in terms of the game, I almost tabled him at turn 5. As opposed to me resigning turn 1. The game had loads of moments where the situation swung both ways. Was loads of fun.

Also having the dreadnought+astral aim really helped me, was effective every turn and really just did loads of work. I'm super stoked that he managed to survive the whole game. Just a solid unit with a different type of threat other then stormbolters.


In the end when we tallied up the points, it ended in a clean draw 58-58, we were so stoked and laughed so hard. It was actually awesome that none of us won. Top of turn 5 he had 1 character left holding 1 objective. I couldn't kill him, was so clutch.

The mission was Resupply I think, no.32 from the Grand Tournament pack. 5 objectives, 3 in the mid board. Anyway, that missions special secondary was amazing, in turn 5 hold one of them gave you 6 extra VP. I highly recommend trying that mission.


I thought I'd give you guys an update with something positive.


Highlight of the game: My newly painted Grand Master Voldus, overcharging a vortex of Doom, on his  Kastelan bots, also hitting his Warlord and a unit of kataphrons. Doing 6 mortal wounds to his Warlord (killing it), 6 to the kataphrons, and 3 mortal wounds to the Kastelans.


Here is the list:


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The Woodsman

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It's awesome that you had so much fun, and I hear what you're saying, there is something great about finishing on a draw after a really close game, especially if it's by a point or two scored a little by luck on the last turn. I've had some great draws even in a tournament setting, and it's like hey, you win some, you lose some, but in this case we're just even, mate.

Your list seems solid for 1000pts, definitely tough to crack for most armies at that level, if they've got the guns to scare your Terms, than you've probably got them outnumbered (at least with SB shots).

Glad to read about a good experience, and hopefully third time's a charm and you take the next one home for Titan 😉
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