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Advancing + Edict Imperator spell

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Hi All, me again...


A hypothetical situation I was thinking about today while I was writing lists, reading stratagems, and trying to break rules.

Here's the scenario.


You have a unit equipped with guns that specifically aren't assault weapons for the purpose of this question.


Said unit moves and advances in the movement phase.


Psychic Phase! A Librarian casts Edict Imperator onto said unit that has advanced. For those of you not familiar with Edict Imperator, its a psychic spell from Ritual of the Damned, Grey Knights Dominus Discipline.


This is taken directly from the book;


Edict Imperator has a warp charge value of 7. If manifested, select one friendly Grey Knights unit within 12" of this psyker. That unit can shoot as if it were your shooting phase, and then make a move as if it were in your movement phase (it cannot advance as part of this move). That unit cannot shoot again this turn or charge this turn 


Now, basically that means, I can make an out of sequence shooting attack, perhaps to clear chaff or screens, so that my psychic attacks can target the next closest unit. And then that unit can move again with its normal movement range. But not advance. That part is pretty clear.


The two areas I want to draw attention to is this;

1. I've already advanced with said unit and that unit isn't carrying assault weapons. (Assault weapons let you shoot after advancing)

2. Because this is an advanced rule, the general rule applies that Advanced rules in the Codex's > the basic rules in the BRB.


The main goal I want to try and achieve here is this;

I want my unit to move the maximum distant possible. 6" move + 6" advance (for the sake of this example) and + a 6" move again in the psychic phase from Edict Imperator.

The second point I want to make, is that Edict Imperator is allowing me to shoot as if I was in the shooting phase. It doesn't care that I've advanced.



Help break this down please. :D

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It allows you to shoot as if it were the shooting phase - meaning you follow all the rules for shooting.


One of the shooting rules is you can't advance and shoot.


The rule only allows you to shoot out of the normal sequence - nothing in the rule indicates that you skip or ignore any of the other shooting rules.  Indeed, it indicates the opposite.

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