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DW: Kill Marine (Character Thread)

Deathwatch Kill Marine Kill-Team Lone Hero The Long Vigil Movie Marines FFG RPG Characters

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Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham


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ou asked for Regiments of the Imperial Guard, demanded support from a flotilla of Imperial Navy Warships, pleaded for the steel rain of drop pods filled with Astartes.  You do not understand your problem.  All that is required, is my swinging blade to the back of the Xenos commander's neck."

- Deathwatch Kill Marine Narvik Redfist 'The Butcher of Traesir'



This thread will hold the details for both Characters in the upcoming Solo Play campaigns.


+ Operatives +


Kill Marine: Journeyman, Marfóir Lugh of the Bloodmoon Hunters (TechCaptain) - Operation Midnight


Kill Marine: Ravenwing Veteran, Raziel of the Dark Angels (Steel Company) - Operation Deadbolt


+ Advanced Training +


All Characters receive the following:


Special Ability: Army Of One (Free, no xp award)

Kill Marines are selected for their exceptional training, resolve or sheer wealth of Experience.


Effect: Any Character with this Talent may take an Elite Advance at the Base Cost listed on the tables available to them


Example: Brother Beliasius is a Tactical marine, but his Personal History supports him having served in the Devastator Companies.  He may choose abilities from the Devastator Table for his current Rank, but since he is a Tactical Marine, this would count as an Elite Advance, and so would usually cost 750xp on top of the purchased ability.  However, since he has the Army Of One Special Ability, it only costs the original asking price in XP.


Special Ability: My Word is my Bond (Free, no xp award)

The Kill Marine is a solitary individual who brings fire and death.  Required to act on his own initiative, the pomp and ceremony of the Oathing, and the bonds that come with it hold no succour.  His mission is the only oath he recognises.


Effect: The Character may not benefit from taking any Oaths of Moment, but his singular determination confers a +10 bonus to any Willpower test and may combine with other bonuses to the same characteristic.


Special Ability: Not Gonna Die Tonight (Free, no xp award)

The Battle Brother has survived many fights by simply understanding how much punishment his body can take and how his own physiology works.  Living a life on the edge of war, where he may fall alone and unremembered is not an option with the mission incomplete.  A quick tourniquet or synthflesh and cataplasm patch to take the sting off is good enough.


Effect: Any Character with this Ability may use the Medicae Advanced Skill at half his Intelligence Stat, but is not trained in the skill beyond use on himself.  He must have at least one item of medical equipment in order to use the skill.


++ DRAMATIS PERSONAE (Operation Midnight) ++


Watch Captain Procion, Deathwatch (Iron Knights)

Inquisitor-Sentinel Markus Ignacio Hadrax, Ordo Xenos

Commander Raphael Tarkus, Master of the Accipiter Nihilus, Ordo Xenos

Cantus-Scriptor Karliah S'Juun, Adeptus Sororitas 




++ DRAMATIS PERSONAE (Operation Deadbolt) ++


Watch Commander Mordigael, Deathwatch (Blood Angels)

Inquisitor-Adept Tomos Jerrill, Ordo Xenos

Master Sergeant of Stormtroopers Jakob Morrab, Ordo Xenos

Captain Felicita Yarvin, Mistress of the Xenobane, Ordo Xenos

Lance-Serjeant Kraevus, Deathwatch (Red Hunters)

Swiftclaw Pack Leader Iorek Grimjaw, Deathwatch (Space Wolves)



+ Please Stand By for Incoming Orders +



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=][= Deathwatch PBP Game =][=


IA: Scions of Gehenna IA: White Paladins


"Vorr is as subtle as a brick with the word subtle written on it."

- Reyner, describing his Character, Brakan Vorr of the Red Talons.


Damn you, GM! verymad.gif *shakes fist at sky*

- Dosjetka, cursing my benevolence as a GM.

Steel Company

Steel Company


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Charater stats



Physical discription:


Raizel is average height for an Astarties, if a little more slender in build. When with out a helmet, one of the most stand out features is his jade green eyes and the scar that splits his left eyebrow. His nose clearly has been broken many times over his service, it seems to add to an honest air he has around him as when asked about it he'll tell a different story of how it was broken.


Over his armour he wears a quartered white and black robe that is fraying and tattered around the edges.



Background story:


Raziel pulled the view finders up to his eyes as he sat on his bike, he still didn’t understand why he’d been tasked with scouting this sector so far from the main force of his brothers. Warp be damned even the others of his squad had been scattered to search several sectors at once. Sure he could use his helm for the same task of searching the horizon, but it didn’t feel the same as pressing the eye pieces against his skin, being able to sniff the wind.


His nose picked it up first, a subtle metallic taint in the air, then he spotted the plume of smoke. The plume was too big to be a camp fire, nor was it the right color for Orks… his brow twitched slightly, it almost looked like it was being belched by something from the mechanicum. Bringing down the view finders he stored them in one of his saddle bags and slipped his black helm back on his Mk. VI armor before revving his bike and driving down the hill side to get a closer look.


As he got closer he could see more plumes of smoke as well as pick up the sounds of track grinding away. Pulling down harder on the accelerator he drove in harder, the sounds of machinery getting louder, loud enough to cover his approach. Bringing his bike to a stop at the side of the ravine where these sounds were coming from, he got off his bike and crawled on his belly to look over the edge. What he saw made him feel sick to his stomach, traitor Astarties. Carefully he crawled back to his bike and activated the vox and teleport homer as he relayed the position of the threat as well as a rough estimate of the force size.


To his surprise it was Sammael himself that responded to him, +Good work Raziel, we will take it from here... return to camp.+


The transmission cut out perfectly in time with a sudden drop in temperature and bright flashes as bone white tactical dreadnought armor arrived.  Raziel knew enough about his chapter to not stick around once the Deathwing arrived.

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To all you Space Wolf Players... Its called a Razor and the Soap isn't a Daemon.

The Iron Hands, they are the real emo marines. Seriously. The Dark Angels aren't the ones who sit around cutting off bits of themselves, wearing black, and complaining about weakness and ennui...





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"Eye to eye target in sight the moment to fire has come, for I hone my instinct, pour my whole being into a single bullet. When I pull the trigger, someone is sure to die. As the Sun sets the moon shall be red with the blood of prey."

Journeyman Marfóir Lugh

Charater stats

Marfóir Lugh is a skilled Tracker and Sniper who was seconded to Deathwatch shortly after being promoted to Journeyman(Marine) to season his abilities and to allow him to foster into a style of hunting that can be forged into the Bloodmoon Hunters. Of Average height for an Astartes while in armor nothing much makes him stand out, it is when his helmet is removed and one sees the extensive facial Tattoo and his cybernetic eye. Further his real eye is a ghost green that haunts those that stare into it for too long. Paired with his loyal Hunting bird, Avatre, Lugh has little need for a spotter. Avatre acts as Lugh's spotter as well as keeps him company to keep him from losing all contact with others. An intense man with dark red hair styled in cornrows, Lugh's appearance is striking for those that never met him.

On his home planet of Aigéad Fuil, even before becoming an Astartes, Lugh was a crackshot with any firearm in his hands. Guarding his family's fungal farm, he spent many a night in the sulfurous caverns watching for the slightest movement that would betray the various spidren predators that prey upon farms like his families. Farming on the acid world was a very dangerous business but because of him and his brothers, their farm was one of the more prosperous ones. He was specifically sought out by the God-Emperor's Angels of the Hunt to join them in the stars.

One of his early hunts, he was ambushed by a Wych in his sniper's nest which caused the coils of her weapon to permanently fused into his armor. In this hunt, Marfóir was assigned to assassinate the leader of a Raider band of Dark Eldar. Successful in his mission he had lowered his guard which allowed for one of the survivors to get close to him. Though damaged his armor, he was able to exact his own in blood with his Bone knife. This would not be the end for either as the Wych survived her wounds and escaped his fellows leading to a rivalry between the two that would spread to many a battlefield, each marked by the other.

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Bloodmoon Hunters Armorial mini

With iron and fire the beast shall be lain low at the hands of the Hunters whose home is under the Bloodmoon. 


Bloodmoon Hunters on 40k Homebrew Wiki and 40k Theories Youtube Channel



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