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IL XVIII - Star Lords

Alternate Heresy Five Ruins Brotherhood of the Lost

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The Star Lords

"Who do we serve? 

-The Emperor for he is eternal! 

What are we? 

-We are the Emperor's will made manifest! 

What is our purpose? 

-To bring the Emperor's wrath to his enemies! 

Who are we? 

-We are the Star lords! We rule the stars! And through us the Emperor's foes will fall! --Battle Chant of the Star Lords

Numeration: XVIIIth Legion

Primogenitor: Caelum Vigilat

Cognomen (Prior): Knights of the Sun

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Ship-borne Assaults and Boarding Operations, Close Quarters Actions, and Linebreaker Assaults

Noteworthy Domains: The Omega-17 Administrative Domain (a semi-autonomous political realm under the direct supervision of the Star Lords by writ of the Emperor's own hand, comprising a region of space designated by Lord Vigilat's origin point). Primary Legion Headquarters occupied the Omega-17 orbital facility from which the Star Lords oversaw nine different star systems, eighteen secondary recruitment systems, and dozens of watch-outposts and minor garrisons.

Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus


Star Lords Armorial with legion iconography

Star Lords Legionary

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