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Good morrow

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Hello all;


I just wanted to introduce myself.


It's been many years since I first became interested in WH40k; since about 1989, during the rogue trader days, in fact.


I don't game anymore; I just don't seem to have the time / money to get an army together. I do paint occasionally. I've been a Space Marine fan ever since day one.


I have some nice models painted up; one thing I've never lost is painting skill, which I'm grateful for. I'll post pics when I get a spare few minutes.


The two chapters Legions I'm painting up are my take on the two lost Legions: The Steel Hearts and The Faceless. I wrote some fluff on them on another forum. I'll port some of it over soon, if anyone's interested in my pathetic scribblings.


What I tend to do most of all, at the moment, is write WH40k fiction. I have a few pieces already published elsewhere, again, I'll port them over, if anyone wants a laugh biggrin.png


At the moment, I'm writing a short story about a Harakoni Jump Trooper. He is Ensign Trafford Bissette, a newly promoted officer, who obtained said promotion through dead man's shoes after a hellish deployment on the benighted world of Akkadium. He's suffering, mentally, battling inner demons.  He's assaulted his superior officer.


Right now ,he's got a choice; prove himself during his next deployment, or be demoted.


I'll upload that, too.


I'm just pleased to be here!

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Welcome aboard :)

Painting Oaths Completed:
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Welcome, it's always good to see more writers on the forums!

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