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Order of Eternal Redemption - WIP

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Started a new sisters of battle army, probably at the wrong time as I have a thesis to submit in a weeks time, but once lock down is over I can't wait to get a few games with them.


I have bought pretty much everything that I want, I might buy a few exorcists at a later date if I want to be a bit more competitve with them, but this is more of a fun army. It is pretty much all 3rd party, apart from the immolators.


Its pretty much centred around repentia squads, back up with penitent engines & mortifiers.

Celestine is in it because she also used to be a repentia.


So far I have got:





Repentia Superior

3x5 Repentia

3x5 Battle Sisters 

2x5 Seaphim

3 Immolators (with meltas)

2x4 Penitent engines (with flamers and buzz blades

4 Mortifiers (with heavy bolters and flails)


Will manly be running it as bloody wise with the passion but might mix a few things up.


Pic of what is built so far

IMG 1042


I can't wait to start painting it, but that will have to wait until this thesis is submitted unfortunatly.

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Nice- I see some Raging Heroes Mortifier/ Pennies in the background- any plans to add the War Pulpit? Racy model, so not to everyone's taste, but Raging Heroes is rabbit hole.


I love the pulpit, but want to replace its arms and legs with armiger bits so its more consistent with the Sisters Aesthetic- I don't like the mask details on its elbows and knees- they seem more Aeldari than Imperial.




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Yea, its pretty much all raging heroes stuff lol, only the tanks are GW.

It actually wasnt even that expensive, i managed to get a few discounts and it came to less than what GW charges which is showing the complete oberdity of their prices right now.


I do love the big war pulpit but there is not much use for it.

I agree with the knee pads, they do seem a bit out of place, i would be tempted to replace them but not sure with that

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