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It's time. I'm doing something different.

Grey Knights Tactica Army Lists

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Lads, its time. I'm adding some unique things to my list and my gaming group wants to move to 1500pts and see how that goes.

So, with some thought and consideration I've decided on a few things to try out. 


And I'll be painting them up so I can use them! So this is my current 1000pt list.



And now I'll be adding 5 extra marines to fill out 1 squad to make them a unit of 10. I'll be giving them a rhino to cruise around in.

I've painted up a second dreadnought so he can accompany his partner in crime and lay down some fire support.

And thirdly, a weird option really, not something I've advocated in the past, but something I feel is needed. A Stormhawk Interceptor!

Not sure how it will perform, but I went and picked up one, assembled it and its now ready for paint. 


The addition of the Stormhawk was purely a chain reaction follow on effect of a few things.

1. We have the most annoying cheesiest guard player, who takes an annoying amount of tanks, and just turtles and screens in a corner.

It's not fun to play against with all his ignores LoS firing. So both the Tau and Admech player decided to add a flyer each to their lists. Instead of carving through the guardsman's lines, they'll just go over the top.


This had a trickle down effect, in that they use the flyer against me and its super annoying for my lone Dreadnought to deal with, and I hate having to redirect my smites towards it. In a sense, it does exactly what it's intended to do, destroy vehicles and soak fire from scoring units.


My solo dread had a hard time dealing with this, and hiding was tricky giving the 60 odd inches of movement the flyers get. So I packed another dread, cost long range heavy hitting guns is what GK's lack. And I thought I'd take the fighter Jet to counter their gunboats. With his anticraft weaponry he's +2 to hit aircraft, so it negates their built in -1 to hit. Allowing me to hit his flyers on 2's with the Stormcannon and Skyhammer weapons respectively. It also has 12 assault cannon shots to pour into some T5 infantry or finish off the gunboats if I need to.


What's interesting, with the weapon loadout I've given him, he's actually cheaper then the standard loadout. So that's a bonus. He also has a built in reroll failed 1's for his save roll. Who knows, that may come in handy. Anyway, I hope it serves it's purpose and soaks fire from my troops, in turn allowing them to survive for longer. And hopefully his kills some flyers.


I've watched a bunch of bat reps from guys like Tabletop Tactics and they seem to run a lot of transports to protect their scoring units and charge chaff with the transports if it's worth it. So who knows, it might explode horribly 1st turn, it my get my guys up the board quicker. Which isn't a bad thing!


Will let you all know how it goes.


+ Elites +

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 135pts]: Astral Aim, Heavy plasma cannon, Missile launcher


+ Flyer +

Stormhawk Interceptor [10 PL, 185pts]
. Assault Cannons: 2x Assault cannon
. Icarus Stormcannon: Icarus Stormcannon
. Skyhammer missile launcher: Skyhammer missile launcher


+ Dedicated Transport +

Rhino [4 PL, 78pts]: Storm bolter


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The plasma cannon on the Dread is an interesting choice! Now that they deal 2/3 damage, I imagine they're a lot better. Excited to see how he performs!




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just cheaper and more consistent damage I hope. I haven't got a chance to fully test his potential, but wounding most vehicles on 3's still.


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