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Lost Legions WIP

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I have always been interested in the two "lost" First founding legions.


I have been working on fluff for the two in my head for some time, and how they might fit into the current fluff.


I have had said fluff rattling around in my head for some time, and intend to publish it just as soon as I can rationalise it into a narrative.


For now, though; the two lost legions are not lost; it's just that their whereabouts, and the fates of their two Primarchs, are very much on a "need to know" basis. You will note the similar motifs in their emblems, for instance. 


Both Primarchs have always been inextricably linked; not in the same way as Alpharius & Omegon, but, in my head Canon, were discovered together.


And they weren't friends, nor even on the same side when found. One of them was leading a highly dubious faction at the time. 


More on this later.


For now, my take on Legio XI, 




The Heart Of Woe
Their sigil is known as "The Heart Of Woe"  When the legion was first created, the Heart was intact, pierced through with a sword. Now, the Heart is broken, the sword fallen away; they are a Legion in mourning at the fate which has befallen them. The Mechanicus cog is now the only thing holding the pieces of their broken hearts together.


Shown here is Captain Jayce Farelle, 6th Company. The Eagle eyed among you will recognise the limited edition Games Day '91 model. He's been in my collection, in a variety of colour schemes, ever since then.


Farelle front
Farelle side
Farelle rear
Farelle side
Farelle & Trooper
Fluff to follow.
Feedback on paintjob / fluff / whatever welcomed. 

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Also introducing Legio II:




The Masque Of Twilight
Their sigil is known as "The Masque Of Twilight". It represents the gate between dimensions, into which the faceless fear to pass. The Helm signifies the struggle, and the steps taken to guard against this fate.


A highly mysterious legion. Some members of this tight-knit brotherhood are known to have been afflicted with a miasma known only as "The dwindling".


Some of those suffering with this condition are known to cover themselves in robes, generally beginning with the head, as illustrated by


Kaptan Huurq Ar-Ulnan, of the 6th Fratellanza


Kaptan Huurq Ar-Ulnan
Ar-Ulnan side
Ar-Ulnan rear
Ar-Ulnan & Bahar (Marine)
He is seen brandishing his Kinetic Incinerator blade (a highly unusual piece of Archeotech, to be explained in detail later), and wearing a tabard denoting his suffering from the Dwindling.
Again, eagle eyed observers will recognise the fact that this model is none other than the "Hooded Tabard" of Rogue trader frame. Another model I have had for many, many years.
That's all for now.
Critique / suggestions welcomed. 

Edited by -SkullHead-, 29 November 2020 - 05:50 PM.

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I like what I see and want to read more about your take on the lost.

Using those old minis has its own charme and instanty makes thrm unique

Open for Comissions, just PM me. The Wardens of Light were like golden blades, cutting down their enemies scarring the darkness.





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Will be watching this with interest. Nice work so far.

I recognise my failing and will be sure to correct it





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The accord. 
"Enter", said the robed figure, seated within his chambers.
The heavy, Ferrum doors to the figure's private chambers slid open soundlessly upon well lubricated bearings. A broad shouldered, heavily armoured form entered the room, closing the door behind him.
"You summoned me, Janus?" he intoned, after a pause.
"Please. You know I have never fully accepted that name, brother." Replied the seated robed figure, his face seeming to flicker briefly, as it often appeared to when vexed.
"It's the name by which your brothers and I know you. The name by which you've forged your identity with us."
"You know my true name, the name which was bequeathed to me by the Ra-Kesh, my people. I would have you use it when we are in private"
"The Ra-Kesh aren't your people, brother. They're condemned. And that was a lifetime ago, Janus. You have been known as 'Janus' for far longer now than you ever were as 'Zimeon'"
The one known as "Janus" sighed. 
"Are you aware that "father" named me for the project which created me? Project "Janus"? In all the years while I was confined, among all the tomes which he left me to read in that vast library, was the dossier for that very project. He didn't even try to conceal it from me. I believe that's all I was to him; a project", rejoined Janus.
"He loves you, brother. He loves us all, in his own way. And yes, you were, and are, a "project"; we all are".
Janus sighed, his features of his face once more swimming. He was at once, present, and not present. Real, but unreal. Out of Phase. "...You are right, of course. And yet, even among us, I am unique. A unique "project". My mind, my body; they are everywhere. Here. There. In this reality and all realities. Of all my brothers, you have always come closest to understanding this."
"I know. I've forged strong bonds with many of our brothers, it's true. I've tried to form links with all of them. Yet none stronger than the links binding you and I. After the start that we had together, I never would've credited it. Really" replied the heavily armoured figure with a a wry half-smile.
"Darius, my brother. Your honest, humble, impartial friendship has ever been my strength." Smiled Janus, his visage stabilising for a moment. "Do you remember, all those years ago, when we were found?"
"How could I ever forget?" Laughed Darius. "My boot was across your throat when He appeared"
"I believe my blade was pressed against your Femoral Artery at the same time", laughed Janus in turn. "And how far have we come since then, when we were mortal enemies?"
"We've come a long way, brother."
"Indeed. I can still recall the look of surprise on His face when he realised that he had found not one, but two of his sons, and in deadly earnest combat, no less!" I have never seen that look again, not since then. But, with twenty scattered sons, was it so hard to believe that some would be enemies? He could, nonetheless, accept this. But as for my people, the Ra'Kesh..." Janus shook his head "He was never going to accept them."
"They're abhuman, Janus. He had no choice."
"They are Human, Darius" Rejoined Janus, hotly. "I, Janus Zimeon Y'Dreq, assert it. Minor Genetic differences aside, they are the same as other Humans"
"You always were one for dramatics, Janus. Very well, if you, closest of my brothers, assert as such, then I, Darius GreatArmour, concede the point"
To underscore this, Darius bowed.
"I sense that this is why you summoned me?"
"It is, brother. The Ra-Kesh are dying. They are, as we speak, being ground beneath the Imperium's boot. Fourteen worlds against hundreds of thousands. It is no contest. I...I cannot allow it. For all their warlike nature, they are innocent. They do not deserve this fate."
"Have a care, Janus!" Hissed Darius urgently. "You know as well as I do that Father has a way of knowing things that pass between His sons!"
"Almost all of his sons", corrected Janus, raising a finger. "There have been many occasions when He has failed to see our minds, our thoughts. He cannot see them now. We would have known of it. I know why he cannot always see mine. As for you? Who knows? Perhaps your close associations with me have somehow altered your mind?"
"You're right", sighed Darius, after a pause. "But mark me, Janus, I'm uncomfortable speaking of Father and His works in this way. He's infallible."
"Father is no God, Darius. He is ancient beyond reckoning, to be sure. But He is not infallible. In his eradication of the Ra-Kesh, He is wrong."
"And why are you telling me this, my brother?"
"I would have you help me. I have my own Legion. But The Faceless cannot stand alone. I need you. I need your Steel Hearts. I need your connections. Most importantly, I need your luck!"
"You ask much, Janus. I won't war against my brothers. Or against my father."
"I have not asked you to do so. What I intend will not spill any more blood beyond what is already being spilled. The Imperium does not need the Ra-Keshi empire. It has no right to it. Fear not, all will be well. Of this, you have my word. Will you hear me, Darius?"
Darius was silent for a long time.
Then, he answered.

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Those are some serious antiques. Is that a vampire counts sword on the librarian?




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Those are some serious antiques. Is that a vampire counts sword on the librarian?


Yes, they are rather old!


The one you refer to as a Librarian (I agree he looks like one ) was actually just a standard Space Marine back in the Rogue Trader days. That mini was released somewhere between '88 - '89 I think. 


I have painted him as a Captain (or "Kaptan") in the language used by The Faceless).


He is not converted at all; the sword he's holding is the original. #


The only things I've added to the model are a pair of hanging scrolls at his waist and a couple of purity seals for detail.

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