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Kinstrife - Legion XX - Veilwalkers

alternate heresy kinstrife veilwalkers

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~ The XX Legion - Veilwalkers ~






Legion Number: XX
Legion Size: ~65,000 at Ullanor - Wide autonomy and deployment make accurate estimates impossible.
Rift-Strider: long periods from legion contact and the highly independent nature of the courts lead to non standard modifications and adaptations. The gold splatter present on many units indigenous to the Veil is as a result of curious interaction with Aether winds of unknown origin.
Legion Modus Operandi: Widespread use of unconventional auxiliaries in standard operations. Reliance on personal combat prowess and psychic gifts. Use of various archeotech and xenotech encouraged. Known for judicious deployment of real-space and chrono distortion devices. Every member of the legion exhibits at least low level psychic ability.
Primarch Name: Oberon Ve'Argent, The Eternal King, The Whyche-King of the Silver Citadel, Consort to She who is Shattered. 
Homeworld: Dite - exoworld located just beyond the galactic rim, artificially moved during the dark age of technology, it’s proximity to what locals refer to as the 'Veil', a series of bizarre realspace/warpspace phenomena possibly point to its placement as being a deliberate move in order to further study the area, a darker rumour suggests that Dite is the last remnants of an empire, a border world saved from the reality shattering weapons unleashed on the core, the Veil left behind in the aftermath. 
The surface of the world is devoid of flora and light, the only landmarks being twenty-seven citadels, the largest, oldest and template for those that followed being The Silver Tower: a vast moonlight clad edifice reaching out into space, its highest reaches now playing home to docking facilities of the Veilwalkers fleet. At its apex sits a great brazier, the light it emits a glimpse into the core of the world below. Before discovery the concentric rings of walls at the base of the Tower played host to a semi constant conflict between the Paladins of the Eternal king's court and various forms of twisted xeno beast. Behind these walls cavernous openings lead deep into the planet, each rift leading to ship manufactorum and staging grounds; further still lie great man made caverns, hewn from rock, each hiding towns and barracks, cities and great forges; until at the root of the tower above sits a space so large that its roof disappears from view and should one wander lost among the glades and finely wrought palaces that dot the landscape you would think yourself on a paradise planet of old humanity. It is here at the origin of the tower where the beating heart of Dite dwells; a fusion reactor of ancient providence, root like cables feeding all life on the planet with power, its light harnessed and allowed to bleed out and illuminate the caverns below and the tower above.
The planet's population is to the outside viewer, split in two parts: its living masses, its hosts of armsmen and craftspeople fall under the remit of the Eternal King, as do the astartes of the Veilwalkers and the ships of the fleet; to the Shattered Queen belong the tech adepts, and the golem-smith, the stargazers, rift makers and the dead; whose bodies are willingly given to the Queen, to be used as the raw scaffold upon which to build her hosts.
Below the King and the Queen serve their courts, some greater and some lesser, each a pale reflection of the beings to whom they owe fealty.
The great lie of Dite, one known only to the highest classes, is that the masses ruled over by the courts of the aristocracy have never been truly human in aeons, instead their flesh and bodies grown in vast laboratories in the depths of the tower; the vat born babies carried by the Queen's handmaidens to deserving parents in the metropolis' below.

Legion Synopsis:
Pre-Primarch History: created after the unification wars were all but won from the stock of Franc and Europa before being split up into pioneer companies and attached to smaller expeditionary fleets, they gained a close relationship with magos of minor explorator sects often functioning as security during the investigation of real space tears and long dead alien civilisations. Their culture at the time was rough and superstitious, the size of the pioneer companies requiring little in the way of concrete command structure, their psychic gifts muted compared to what they would become, wielded in the manner of rough blunt tools of death. Their preeminent master was named Bedwyn Gelt, a doughty and brutal commander who exemplified the culture at the time, indeed it would be inaccurate to name him as legion master for any reason save expediency, for as the great crusade reached out into the stars the legion would never gain the sense of cohesion or identity as the others, Gelt's Bone Eaters casting a shadow on the pages of history distinct to that of Athtar Misandral’s Sepulcral Guard. The sorcery of the XX at the time was considered more an oddity of their geneseed: gifts of foresight poorly understood and employed, psychic power channelled into mighty blows and gouts of energy.
Post-Discovery History: Upon discovery of their primarch, a call to reunite the legion was issued, but would take over a decade before the whole host was assembled, Oberon would make no effort to break up the bonds of brotherhood that bound sections of the fledgling Veilwalkers together, instead pioneers companies would become Courts, taking on their names and their holdings; for example Misandral’s Sepulcral Guard would be reborn under the name of Fortebraccio, and the matriarch of that Court would be charged with arming and supplying the 26th going forward. One change Oberon did impose on the legion as a whole was the pursuit of the strict code of honour held by the nobles with whom he was raised; no longer would strength be wielded like a cudgel against friend or foe, nor the psychic gifts all legionnaires possessed be left to wilt or flourish at the whimsy of chance. Indeed the legion’s prolonged stay in the Veil during this reorganisation would see their innate psychic powers grow under the baleful light overhead. Although battle would still see the Veilwalkers set sword and axe against the foe, bolstered by their gifts, Oberon would instruct them in clairvoyance and far-sight, in bending the fabric of the Veil and tearing at the skin of reality; the forced isolation of Dite giving way to an alternate perspective, removed from the act of building a new world, one could come to consider the kind of world to build. In the Courts the Veilwalkers found a dual purpose, no longer simply the brutish guardians or dispossessed orphans of the pioneer companies, their opposites in the Dite nobility saw them become more: Artists, poets and craftsmen, hours and days spent in the company of soft spoken wrights and alabaster skinned maidens exploring their identities beyond the nameless attack dogs of yore, their roles as guardians and creators of peace, the necessity to destroy but afterwards to rebuild and to teach, the fruitlessness of a world built on by an unenlightened conqueror on the back of unlearned populace. Even after the fleets left the Veil and took their place once more in the Great Crusade, the relationship between mirrored halves continued, the ships and forces now bolstered and crewed by all aspects of the Courts.



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Veilwalker Special Units
Legion Units:
Orders – the standard unit of the Veilwalkers, the building block upon which each Court’s ‘tables’ are founded. Each consists of five to twenty marines led by a Paladin, who is chosen to lead them and represent them at the Table. Squads are equipped to a more loose standard than the tactical squad of other legions, with warriors choosing how to best arm themselves; however each knight will invariably be armed with the weapons of the melee, after which equipment is chosen more selectively: special weapons for the hunting of tanks or xenos beasts, the protective aura of combat shields or the cleansing flame of promethium are all readily available. The Tactical task of the unit can sometimes be divined by the suffix attached to their name such as Order-Destructor, Order-Salient or Order-Liberator, though this can vary from Court to Court, some seeing destruction in all its forms the natural purview of any Order and refusing to specialise further. Finally the members other than the Paladin refrain from engaging in wholesale use of their innate psychic gifts, Veilwalker training first focussing on their use as boons to the users combat prowess: foresight and whyche-sight granting faster reactions and a wider tactical view, and weapons channeling aetheric strength serving to strike at even the greatest of foes.


Rift-Striders - units of marines carrying forth the legacy of the pioneering companies they once belonged to, embarking on extensive journeys through space time rifts and onto alien worlds and if they are fortunate, the webway. These forays often result in the adoption of non standard loadouts and the use of xenos technology. The most extreme circumstances find units of Rift-Striders augmented with limbs of fluted metal, wielding weapons grafted from materials not wholly of this material plane, their bodies twisted and hulking from a combination of exposure to otherworldly worlds and their desire to better combat the denizens within. Marines that show an unusual fascination with the otherworldly, or who’s bodies are infected or warped by stellar phenomena beyond their control are sent to the 4th Court, the Capuaena, where they reside in the Ebon Tower. Here they act at the will of Oberon himself, secretive and rarely if ever seen by outside forces, sequestering the artifacts of the Veil and other archeotech found in their wanderings. In rarer circumstances this combination of experimentation and exposure can even overtake dreadnoughts and their occupants, the tech-adepts of the Capuaena twisting the chassis to the whims of the occupant and grafting barely understood artefacts in place more mundane weapons and equipment. 
The greatest goal of the Rift-striders is the full and complete taming and understanding of the Veil alongside its various inhabitants and phenomena; this ambition contributes to their scarcity in imperial records or memory, though it's very possible that the black forms witnessed striding from splits in the universe or engaged in snarling combat with the children of the warp are assumed to be some form of other: some thing so far from human form that to attribute them to one of the noblest legion would be considered both foolish and insulting. 
Silver Paladins - The mightiest swordsmen and psykers from amongst the Veilwalkers, clad in terminator armour or artificer plate and armed with finest weaponry the Shattered Queen can provide: great swords once used to fell void monstrosities, ancient volkite cyclers and should the situation demand it, equipment capable of augmenting their innate gifts, allowing the paladin to influence the space-time a through which a foe might move or tear a hole through the fabric of realspace so as to allow the paladin and his companions to appear instantaneously elsewhere.
Paladins do not function as a cohesive unit, there are no set squads or leaders, instead bands of champions of superlative skill. Each Paladin is accompanied by a handmaiden chosen by the Queen herself, these robed and fragile figures watch from behind, the bond between knight and maiden proof that the authority of both monarchs is invested in their actions. Under the robes however are bodies spun from the finest in gene augmentation and bio-mechanics, rare digital weapons concealed in rings and behind the faces of courtly masks; each maiden can carry field augmenters to shore up the Paladin’s defences or may relay tactical data on the foe and in far rare circumstances they can join their knights side armed with all manner of esoteric weaponry.
If a Silver Paladin is singular in his purpose and skill, a blade of the utmost craft, then the handmaiden is his wielder and guide, his armourer and his squire, his charge and his haven. When the forces of the Veil need to convey the words of Oberon and Vivianne then it is with the handmaiden’s voice that they speak, the Silver Paladin a moonlight clad presence in the periphery. 
The only other creature that may interpose on the Paladin-Maiden bond is the cyber-beasts employed as companions and weapon servitors by the Dite mechanicum, though the larger creatures are often eschewed in standard warfare, their bulk too cumbersome and their firepower unneeded when the support of other Veil formations is available. Still, the Handmaiden often employs cyber-falcons or eagles as a method of data gathering, and the handmaidens originating from the Enguerrand the 6th can be found accompanied by facsimiles of terran apex predators, synthetic fur and flesh hiding energy weapons and golem-frames of prodigious power.


Dulaque Pattern Dreadnought - dulaque pattern dreadnoughts are originally suits of armour said to date back to the Old War in the Veil, during the Dark Age of Technology, and have spent millennia fighting back the  gene spliced horrors that emerged in the aftermath. Standing half again as tall as a Contemptor, each Dulaque is a unique relic; over six thousand years of combat and retrofit, pilot after pilot has left each suit distinctly outfitted, from the weapons equipped to the custom tolerances to the memories of great wounds none remain what they once were. When the Veilwalkers were reunited with Oberon, the Shattered Queen retrofitted the remaining score of examples with the cybernetic sarcophogi found in legion dreadnoughts, the union of astartes and Veil borne weaponry more potent than that of even a leviathan class; its strength betrayed simply by its precious value and irreplaceability.
This value often prevents their deployment to the wider field, Oberon loathe to commit them to the care of any but the most worthy, knowing also that the Mechanicum would seek to keep an example if it was recovered fallen from the battlefield.
In the Great Crusade, records show that only on a single occasion were more than three Dulaque present in one place: circa 840.M30, the Fall of the Belalcazar Regency, where the assault on the principle Seraglio was led by Oberon and a total of six Dulaque pattern Dreadnoughts (Paladins Genjyre, Heleceran, Leoyarus, Joxalim, Facaryn and Iarneiros) who, during the space of the five hour siege, were responsible for the total destruction of the Royal Knight Household and forging a path all the way to the Grand Vizaar’s throne room where Oberon put an end to the mad tyrant.


Unique Legion Equipment: 
Starlit Blades – A catchall term for the softly luminescent variety of swords, axes and spears wielded widely amongst the Veilwalkers. It is said that a part of Dite’s heart is captured in their forging and a Veil borne will never be lost so long as they wield them.
Moirai-class stasis weapons – the XXth eschew the use of phosphex and rad, the armouries of Dite never having manufactured them before reunification and their magos and strategos unfamiliar with its deployment. Instead the artisans of the Tower have harnessed a fraction of the power of ancient Veil weaponry to create munitions that at their weakest encumber the enemy, slowing their passage through time for brief moments, and in stronger cases sever the enemy from the flow of time, or send past and future versions of them on a collision course with destructive consequences.

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The Old Empire and the Creation of the Veil



The area that is now known as the Veil, a piece of the galactic rim that encompasses space equivalent to the modern day Tauromachy, was once the enclave of an ancient human empire. 
Roughly 7000 years before the coming of Oberon to Dite, the human worlds of the Veil flourished under the rule of Savant-Bloodlines: families like the Dulaque’s commanded the resources of several systems, whilst lesser clans worked alongside and underneath them; each family pursuing goals of far-fetched science and understanding.
On the world of Adaltea, fleshsmith’s of the Enguerrand made leaps into the realm of bio-replication, spinning artworks of flesh and bone: flora, fauna and even human imitations were all canvases to perfect scientific mastery. 
Above Ferrante I orbited a moon ringed by great Chronometric Accelerators, the Undowen family tasked with pulling and pushing the temporal fabric of the universe, stretching it taught and snapping it back.
In the system of Griffone, the main port of the Veil region, Aether-wrights and Chrono-smiths of the Gaitea sought to widen the existing routes of travel and even tear open new more accessible warp paths between the Veil’s worlds.
At the heart of all of this esoteric meddling sat the worlds of Gervisa, seat of the Dulaque dynasty, the unspoken goal of this family’s head was Immortality, or so the rumours said, experiments in escaping or mastering time, the creation of new flesh in any form at will, the opening up of this dimension to the others; all these spawned results and those results flowed to the Matriarch of the Dulaque.
It was at this height, this precipice of discovery, that the Men of Iron came for the Veil.
It was known as ‘Hades-Resurgent’, whether self given or a moniker from the wars of extermination that came before no one knew, the first signs were the battle worn refugees and defeated forces arriving from nearby clusters.
In Griffone the battlefleets of the bloodlines gathered under the Dulaque, experiments turned into weaponry, great armies of gene-crafted slave-soldiers, the sum of the Veil’s scientific knowledge amassed to meet the oncoming armies of metal.
The battle that followed is said to have played out over nineteen days: from multiple points of ingress the warriors of Hades Resurgent flowed, great ships of untold power met by the flashing blades of artificial singularities, torn apart by temporal storms or sucked into realspace tears; on the moons and satellites of Griffone V gene-armies were sacrificed to destroy cohorts of Iron-men; when the fleets of the enemy approached the Capital on the fifteenth day the Dulaque brought up the Moirai and severed both ally and enemy from the flow of time. Second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour the armies and fleets of the Dulaque lost ground until at the height of the nineteenth day the Gaitea made a desperate final move: allowing a single of their ships to escape back into the Veil, the aether-smiths began to systematically unleash their real-space arsenals, their goal, to smash all points of ingress and egress to Griffone, as the void-fissures and warp-tears blossomed across the system, friend and foe were caught up in space-time anomalies; shattered by multi-reality collisions or vaporised by coronal mass ejections as local gravity matrices collapsed and spiralled into insanity.
They failed.
Hades Resurgent would not.
So came the Men of Iron and the Veil burned
On the homeworld of the Dulaque, Gervisa, the Invasion was met when the Moirai were again unbound with even greater impunity, the resulting temporal overlord seeing the inhabitants and invaders of the system reduced to the dust of aeons or completely severed from the continuum.
On Adaltea, flesh-smiths accelerated the birth of new bio weapons by merging Gaia’s Loom with the tools of the Undowen, the creatures borne of the unholy union capable of meeting the enemy in space and overwhelming them with their ferocity and number; so great their fear towards their oncoming doom that the Enguerrand bled the matter-stores of their world dry and left a shrunken husk amidst a frenzied horde for the enemy to find.
On Ferramante I, as battle raged in the planetary rings and asteroid fields above, contingency plans were drawn up and the Chrono-Accelerators turned on the systems own star in an attempt to weaponize its solar decay, but conflicting attempts to restore the body’s health results in calamity. The collision between past and future versions of the star so great that the cluster itself becomes blanketed in roiling temporal and real-space storms: planets collapse as their tectonic movements are sped up and slowed down randomly; stockpiles of vortex weaponry and ongoing experiments in warp-space deteriorate and detonate and then spiral out of control; storms in time replaced viciously by gaping wounds in reality.
Only one planet survived unscathed, a new project under the Dulaque banner, a world towed out to the dark abyss of the void, sheltered from the galaxy’s light. Carried here aboard her family’s research Ark Charon, the youngest scion and new heir apparent to her Bloodline, Vivianne Dulaque, would watch from the berthing dock of a great research tower as the heavens above became bathed in the ephemeral light and all that remained of her worlds were consumed in aetheric fire. Miles below her, a lesser version of Gaia’s Loom known as the Spindle was being ushered into waking, the population it would bear once a long term experiment, now her future subjects and the scattered remnants and lesser scions of now shattered Savant-Bloodlines would now be her courtiers, and upon this isle they would build their world anew.
But deep in the tumultuous ocean above, Gaia’s Loom was fed afresh, broken and malfunctioning but borne onwards by otherworldly winds, and when Stradavarian did open his Maw, from it would flow a tide of the deformed and the semi-spun that would inflict themselves upon this little kingdom for millennia to come


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Hello, is there any wiki or other to learn more about Kinstrife?

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Not a wiki no. We got a discord server and welcome people who want to come and learn about our stuff.

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Yes link of discord please ^^

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